Smok Scar Xplode Review

Scared of those big box shops with giant, full size mods? Well you do not need to be. We have rounded up some of the top SMOK mods on the market right now. Whether you are looking for a brand new mod to take up your smoking game, a replacement tank for your old mod, or an upgrade light for your mod set, we have you covered.


SMOK Scar-1800 Modifier – This is one of our favorite additions to the SMOK line. If you were a huge fan of the original SMOK Scar mod, then you will love this upgrade kit. The first thing you notice about this mod is the incredible amount of space you now have in your tank. There is plenty of room for all your tanks and at least one Smok Scar-1800 tank! The lighting is excellent and it looks like something from the James Bond films.


The mod comes complete with two Smok Scar-1800 tanks, two standard RDA batteries, and one NiMH battery. Included in the box is a stainless steel tank which should be able to support the wattage of your choice of refill. The ability to adjust the temperature and power allows you to get close to that authentic Smok flavor. This is an easy mod to use as well, simply install the two tanks and put the batteries in. It takes a bit of time to heat up but once it is, you can get a real smoky flavor to go along with your coffee.


The other thing you can enjoy with the Smok Scar-X chipset is the impressive amount of power you now have at your disposal. There is more than enough power to make your daily coffee or vapor sessions rich in flavor. The new iq-x chipset gives you over a hundred hours of charge, so when you are ready to rock the night away, you don’t need to get another coffee mug full of power. This mod has also been designed to work with any iPod or iPhone.


The good thing about the device is that it can be charged by either using the included micro USB charging port or through the cigarette lighter adapter which is included. The charger plugs into the device right next to the battery cover. A nice feature that some models come with is the ability to turn off the light without turning off the power to the device. I like this feature because it lets you use it while watching TV or reading ebooks.


The tank of this vaporizer is constructed out of stainless steel, and it does make an attractive and durable addition to any kitchen. The large stainless steel tank will hold up for several months before it needs to be refilled. To replace the tank you simply remove the mouthpiece, add your favorite liquid and pump. Using the included micro USB type-c cable you can plug the replacement tank into your computer’s USB port. The tank is easy to fill as you simply place the included syringe which is very easy since it’s built to be inserted and removed quickly. The Smok Scar-X has an on-off indicator which makes filling the tank less time consuming.


The mod comes complete with two adjustment screws and a glass window which shows your progress on a screen that is easy to read. This screen is easy to read because it is LED lit which makes it easier to see your current level. You can also remove the mouthpiece and add or remove liquid while the device is on, which is a very nice feature. Another feature of this vaporizer that I really like is that there is a battery door on both sides of the unit. This makes it very convenient to carry around.


On the front of the Smok Scar-X there is a front button and a larger back button. The larger back button has a power/charging indicator while the front button has a side switch to change the modes (airflow and dual battery port). One thing I really like is that the power cord for the mod has a longer cord than most, it makes it much easier to charge the battery and to use the USB cable to charge the battery. The Smok Scar-X is well built and designed for anyone who wants to experience the great taste and aroma of a real cigar without the smoke.