Review of vaporesso gen mod swag target gtx vape zero luxe

In this review, I’ll look at the goal vapeciga vaporesso gen mod – mod pod sub-ohms. Vapesourcing sent my goal PM80 for the purposes of this review, be sure to check their website for the latest equipment generation vaporizer the best price. For more information about destination PM80 Vaporesso

Specifications and features
Size: 102mm * 24.8mm * 33.4mm
Battery: Built-in 2000mAh
Output power: 5-80W
Cartridge Capacity: 4 ml / 2 ml (PDT)
Display: 0.96 “TFT
Load current: 2A
Charging ports: Micro USB
Coil Resistance: 0.2Ω GTX mesh coil (45-60W), GTX coil 0.3Ω Mesh (32-45W)
Color: Red, Green, Black, Blue, Brown, Silver
What’s in the box
1 x coil mesh GTX 0.2Ω
1 x coil mesh GTX 0.3Ω
Airflow 2 x silicone plugs
1 x USB cable
1 x User
Warranty Card x 1
1 x map Reminders


PM80 target has the same elegant appearance swag mod show new are known. The PM80 has a metallic finish and color TFT display polished measuring 0.96 inches generous. True, PM80 is a fingerprint magnet, but still looking for a wonderful device.

The PM80 is available in six different colors. A silver version with a geometric pattern on the handle, as well as carbon fibers and the version of the resin. With a height of 102 mm, target PM80 has a similar shape to other popular sheath mods, as Vinci and Voopoo Boost Aegis.

PM80 destination screen deserves special mention. This is one of the largest screens in a pod mod, and even includes an option to change the color scheme. 0.96 inch TFT display very sunny and bright, with all information normally on the model size.

chip axons
PM80 Target Chip Axon Vaporesso this card, which is the same chip and Swag Mod Gen II, which I recently reviewed. Axon The chip is equipped with several devices comprising pulse strong enough mod, providing constant power to breathe. VW fashion smarter detection coil resistance and provides several recommended power read on the screen.

The PM80 has a menu with several options normal size. You can choose to run variable PM80 watts or variably voltage. There is also a breath meter that gives you a weekly view of daily breathing. Another great feature is a super fast shutter speed 0.0001 seconds. All these features make the target feel more like a scale model PM80 and less like a pod.

PM80 Meta Vaporesso battery was integrated. The battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh, which is pretty cheap compared to the previous pod mods. The only drawback with pulse mode is that the battery works faster. At PM80 60W in use without pulsed mode, we get about 000 inhalations on a single charge.

PM80 is charged by the micro-USB and has a fast charge current is 2A. I found the booty II after the performance at 20% a marked reduction in energy production is the same as PM80. This feature protects the battery discharge, but it means a total capacity is somewhat reduced.

PM80 objective has no effect, so you can not use the device while charging. But with a quick charge 2A it takes 43 minutes to move 20% of its capacity. I like that the screen even tell you exactly how long until full charge is a feature I like most battery device could be integrated.


PM80 objectives sheath mod known sub-ohms. Vapeciga vaporesso target have different coils GTX are available that are compatible with PM80 Target and other pods as Vaporesso, Target PM80SE, PM30 and GTX Objective One. Objective PM80 was designed with vapers direct ii lung in mind and compatible with all coils covering the GTX. There are two styles of mesh with the resistance of 1.2Ω coil and rollers MTL DTL DTL and restricts available coils ,.

Each coil GTX has a lattice structure and is made in two nichrome or Kanthal. The RBA is also available for those who like to play them with 0.7Ω resistance is recommended. Coil with a mixture of hemp and cotton nonwoven fabric for long-lasting flavor. Vaporesso offer a choice of two coils in the table, the best 0.2Ω and 0.3Ω GTX GTX vaped vaped for 45-60W to 32-45W.

Included in the box are two pods, each with a capacity of 4 ml. Each pod has a reduction owners fall PM80 and fill the bottom. There is a spare rubber stopper in the box if it is damaged or missing. The coils are easy to install and help put the rubber O-ring. coil is fit firmly veil, but I realized after a few days of use, there is little visible residue juice in the battery contacts.

Pod filling is easy, and the hole is not bottled board adjustment problems. Replacement pods can be purchased separately in packs of two. 4 ml capacity is great, especially because it is a high-ohm watt MOD to find Pod recharge more often than usual. magnetised pods and easy to clip in and out of the battery. However, a very strong magnet so you should have a problem with your fly pod if dropped.
Target PM80 capable of a maximum output power of 80W. For secondary feed tank most users ohm enough and comparable to the one or two-18650 mod. But it is important to note that most of the recommended GTX 60W electric coil network. The only way that you will be able to use the power of maximum PM80 if the coil is used RBA.

Vaporesso latest version of single-purpose call 18650 SE PM80 launched. This version has the same chip and the design and appearance. If PM80 is also compatible with GTX coil. However, PM80 SE has a vertical screen that is smaller and does not have a color. 18650 This may be due to take up some space on the screen.

I really like using objective gtx vape get code because I built in the comfort of the battery. But if you want a little boost to value the ability to see the target PM80 SE. If you want to experience the full 80W, then it is definitely worth buying the RBA coil. GTX coil offers enough good taste and promises to be durable. steam with a target PM80 is up to the sub-tank ohms popular. What makes PM80 attractive to a wider range Vapers is that it was designed specifically for vaping directly lungs.Pro
Interest PM80 is a great looking mod pod, colorful and elegant designs.
The PM80 has an action and a comfortable size makes it perfect for travel.
axons offers several advanced features fries were really useful in pulse mode and Smart VW.
4ml large capacity, much larger than any other coating and the right to use the sub-ohms.
The large TFT color display, and provide all the information you need.
VW Intelligent and very useful impulse, PM80 is more like a full-size models.
By coil 0.2Ω I had some initial problems with it in good contact with the battery. It is important that sufficient coil inserted into the vessel to prevent leakage or read resistance.
Although the goal of PM80 80W networks allow all coils are rated for a maximum of 60W. So, if you really want to make the most of the coils PM80 RBA must be purchased separately.
After several days of intensive use, I noticed a leak in the battery contacts, more than what I experienced in another pod filling are low, but definitely something to keep an eye on. PM80 Target chain vaping juice will bring hot and therefore thinner that can cause leakage.

From the vaporesso luxe click in the camera, you can see inside the magnet slot and can see the connection here. Also on the upper side of the mod you can see the three holes on each side of the airstream.

Usually it receives the airflow 4 is necessary and can adjust the air flow. In the device, you can see the USB port can be used to charge the battery, the device supports Charing 2A. The device is powered by a battery and can be 18,650 to top of the stack to the bottom mod. With regard to the cover of the battery, and it works well when it is placed in the battery when the device is stirred without noise. On camera, you can see the shutter button, the screen and the plus and minus buttons. the shutter button is highlighted and so far it works very well, plus and minus buttons are also very good. In this device, the screen is 0.96inch and not a color screen that some people like and do not like someone, screen brightness is all very pleasant and you can see everything on the screen. ” This device can be used 5-80w.
To activate it, you need to click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. When the screen is on, you will see:

– The indicator of the percentage of battery
– process
– Coil Resistance
– against the coup
– W
– Better
– hojaldre time (when the shutter button is pressed)

To enter the menu, you must keep the plus and minus buttons, and enter the menu, you can see:

– Intelligent vw
– Vw
– Vv
– default
– Departure

In this device, one can use this mode vv meet new people and their way of working here vw smart and when you use this mode, the camera automatically adjusts the power of the coil is attached to the work.
You can lock the device when you click 3 times on the shutter button, you must do the same to unlock the device. When you lock your device can VAPE but you can not use the plus and minus buttons.
When the shutter button and press the button again to return to the screen.

My spirit:

Thus,vapeciga vaporesso zero is available in 6 different colors.

Design of this device is really good in my opinion, the same as the previous version and the build quality is good and there is no complaining, everything is as it should be and you can not hear the sound when you put in the battery. Similar in purpose from the previous version to use PM80 comfortable and feels good in the hand. This package is really good, all in all, you will receive more with another device, you will receive 4 recording airflow, two balls and two coils that are truly amazing. channeling practical to use, but you can not use another drop of tips here will be a con for someone. Capacity 4 ml, which is a good capacity for this device. You can refill the cartridge with no problems with the gorillas and the remnants of the cartridge bottle perfectly in place. Here screen is different and there is a color screen as in previous versions, but the brightness of the screen is good and you can see everything on the screen. In this unit, you can adjust the air flow by using out of the box, it can be very uncomfortable, but it is a big pro that we can regulate the air flow. We can stop the flow of air on one side or both sides, you also can cut the sheets and included only one or two holes if you like. There are plenty of airflow completely open and when when you stop the flow of air in fact, you can have a random mtl really nice. With this device, you will receive two rollers and the device is compatible with many rollers. Also for this device, you can buy a big head RBA. Thus, this device is compatible with the 0.2ohm coil nets, nets reels, nets 0.6ohm coil, mesh coil, coil and coil 1.2ohm RBA. As I said in the previous post, I tried a lot of coils with this device and I can say that the coil was really good. Coil for MTL is also very good in my opinion. It’s really good that you can buy or MTL coil DTL for this device and therefore the device will appeal to beginners. With a great sense of premade premade coil and coil Absolutely brilliant. Create a very simple RBA head and remember that this is a beginner starter kit can use premade coil and after learning how to build and save money RBA really good. Season with coil RBA was also very good and the air flow in the coil hole is about 2 mm, you can use to restrict or Mtl RBA DTL vaping, perosanlly I want to use this TLD limit coil vaping. I think this is another device vaporesso really nice and easy to use device, several coils are available and you can now use 18650 battery whcih was great, I personally really device.

The inconvenients:

– Do not use more than dropwise advice
– No c usb


– Choice of colors
– Good build quality
– Device comfortable
– 18650
– 4 air flow taken inside the package
– Two coils in the package
– Two cartridges in the package
– Capacity 4ml
– Easy to fill
– Cartridge nice stay in place
– a good screen brightness
– Button Fire button and the plus and minus good
– Operating Vv
– Intelligent vw mode
– Good taste
– You can use it as a device MTL or DTL
– The head of RBA

You can buy here: Vaporesso

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