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How To Extend The Life Of Your Evo Twist Two Minute Battery Charger


The evo twist & scream curling set is an absolute winner, delivering everything you would need for bouncy, thick, healthy curls in an instant. With a shampoo, co-brush, conditioning treatment and styling wax, it is a truly unique gift set to make the day of anyone who loves her curly locks. Get involved. You’ll never get a chance to try the hair products and techniques that make this set so popular before you – and it will make your curly locks even more amazing.


The full body rinse is an essential part of the evo twist & scream package. This is what helps you to lock in all the moisture and minerals, giving your locks full body, volume and shine. The result after the rinse is soft, bouncy and very straight. This shampoo is also a great option for women who have thin or fine hair, since it leaves their hair feeling very soft and shiny. It is also a fantastic option for those who are used to using chemical based hair care products and may be sensitive to them.


The evo twist & scream curl pack comes with two bottles – a shampoo and conditioner, with one bottle being smaller than the other. Both bottles should be used in the washing machine, and both should be left in the hot water for the time specified. The shampoo should be left in the shampoo bowl for around five minutes, whilst the conditioner should be left in the conditioner bowl for the same amount of time. The shampoo should then be left to soak for around ten minutes, before being left to sit on the dry hair. This ensures that both products are thoroughly mixed, and the best result is achieved when the both products are combined together.


After use, both products should then be rinsed well, and you will need to ensure that your curly hair is completely dried before blow drying. The evo twist & scream curl pack comes with a special drying solution, which helps to lock in the natural moisture, as well as heat and environmental factors. This ensures that your hair is completely dry before blow drying. It is important to note that regular use of these products could lead to excessive hair loss, so if you notice that your hair is going thin or becoming extremely fragile, it is best to apply and leave on these products for a shorter period of time than you would normally.


After applying the evo twist & scream curl pack, it is then important to apply a thick layer of the wash/conditioner, and use a brush to gently spread the product over your scalp. After this, it is then important to massage the shampoo and conditioner through your hair, working from the roots upwards. Massaging through the hair using this method helps to detangle your locks, and add shine and bounce to your locks. When shampooing, it is important to ensure that you do not rub your scalp, as this can cause damage to the hair shaft.


As a final step, it is then necessary to rinse the ends of the hair, to remove any excess moisture. To make this easier, I would recommend you turning your electric hair drier upside down, and setting it to spray low (if you have a digital one). Once this is done, you can then place the battery into the comb, and start rotating the brush through large sections of hair. If you find that the brush becomes clogged, I recommend using the wash & brush head until the brush passes through the entire length of your hair, and then turning it upside down, and setting the brush to low. You will need to do this up to three times to loosen the hair brush clog, and once done, allow it to dry. If the brush is still too wet after this process, you can repeat the step in the reverse.


To ensure the longest durability of the Evo Twist II, I recommend that you use a hairbrush with an excellent surface to work on. The brush should be made from a material that will not stick to the hairbrush, or cause any damage to the hairbrush. I would advise you to go for a plastic brush, as it is more likely to adhere to the hairbrush, and not cause any damage to it. Using a metal brush can cause damage to your hair if you are not careful, and can cause the battery to run out of power, and thus render the device useless.


Finally, as the last step, I would recommend that you turn the power button on your Evo Twist II, and wait for it to charge. The first time you do this, it is advisable to leave the device on, so that the battery does not get drained. Charging the battery whilst it is on will allow the battery to have a life span of about 5 clicks of battery life, which is very good. Once the device has reached this point in life, the power button must be pressed and left for a second, then you can plug in the USB cord back into the computer, and upload your latest photo or video clip that you want to share with the world.