Excellent List Promotion Good Vape Uwell starter kit

$ 45.59 complete kit 80W Good nunchaku
Main Feature:
Container 1. Volume: 5 ml
2. Material: stainless steel and quartz glass and copper and silicon
3. Power range: 5-80W Caliburn
4. A new generation Well vape e smoker checks in a separate tube rack mod r + D.
5. Different modes: TC performance (NI, SS) mode, the bypass mode.
18650 6. Place the battery Uwell koko or charging via USB. Ignore battery contains
just replace the cap of the spool 7

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$ 32 Good Turn 20 and 22. The limited edition kit
Main Feature:
1. Great gift for Valentine’s Day
2. Good WHIRL 20 Kit – 700mAh internal battery – 20.2mm Diameter – 110.8mm Width
Now 22 Kit WHIRL – 1600mAh internal battery – diameter 22.2mm – 117.5mm height
3. The integrated monocoque design
4. The glass base quartz Caliburn
5. Maximum Watt: 25W
6. Output Voltage Range: 3.0-3.8V
7. Resistance Range: 0.5-0.7ohm
8. button operation
Intelligent LED display. 9
coil system approach Well corona Pro 10 – the professional system optimization of basic taste
11. Coil 0.6ohm Whirl – element Nichrome
12. The rollers uwell pods crown replacement Well Plug-n-Pull
13. Protection of good owners

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$ 46.15 Well Ironfist 200W Starter Kit
Main Feature:
1. The main points of the experience
2. Beautiful appearance, ergonomic design
3. Double-18650 Source with a maximum power of 200 W
4. With a variety of modes and safety functions
5. The system shows a simple interaction with the user friendly interface

$ 53.10 Corona 4 Good Kit
Main Feature:
1 volume containing: 5 ml (6 ml with glass bubble)
2. Materials: zinc alloy and stainless steel and glass and silicon
3. Power range: 5-200 W
4. Coil Features: Paprika Well
SS904L dual coil 0.2 Ω = 70-80 W
SS904L double coil 0.4 Ω = 60-70 W
The primary coil FeCrAl UN2 0.23Ω = 60-70 W
5. The patented technology Nunchaku uwell, no leakage.
6. double coils SS904L to improve corrosion resistance, lasting flavor.
7. UN2 integrated coils have what might be called the best flavor.
8. The method of SS904 SS904 Well nunchaku TC innovative coil crown.
9. Properties delivered PCBA conformal coating, anti-corrosion are very good, to protect life and developing the base unit mod.
10. The establishment of reliable performance and fast and solve new PCBA.

$ 33.51 nunchaku Good DDR Starter Kit
Main Feature:
1. single bag, comfortable to wear
2. With the support of the Uwell crown media Caliburn and a maximum power of 80 W 18650 pods
3. Easy to build a platform to facilitate the development of
4. The system airflow double or twin coils
/ 5. switchable current / SS / Ni
6. Compatible with Squonk Mod

$ 35.00 Good hypercar Starter Kit
Main Feature:
1. Optimize performance with an ergonomic design, easy to carry in your pocket
2. Battery technology Koko 18650 Well can consume up to a maximum power of 80 W.
3. 3.5 ml capacity filled with e-juice
4. Structure and magnetic triggers make silicon battery near convenient and easy to use, click
sufficient to replace, when the coil 5. Plug-voltage structure and light Well nunchaku
6. Power Mode / Experience CT / shunt vaping
7. vaping experience MTL and DT switchable

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