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In the above devices, I have examined mods pocket friendly nokiva vaporizer show new powered by an internal battery. The TC 200 is a hive Mod high power device is powered by a double 18650 is output usually occurs. This kit TC Mod 200W Colmena paired with simple but perfectly adequate Colmena ohms Sub tank.


1x 200 MOD Hive
1x Ruffled tank
coil replacement 1x
replacement glass tubes 1x
Package 1x O-ring
1x USB cable
2x manual
1x Card Chipset
1x Warranty Card
1x certification card

Aesthetics and ergonomics

Hive The kit comes in a cardboard box with a viewing window in a hexagon, so I knew that I had received before the launch of the resin opening, other versions are made of carbon fiber, but look the pictures I’m pretty sure this was the effect of carbon fiber it really is. Mod comes with a reservoir having a drop in black hive to match the tip of the resin panel of resin at the front of the device.

Many good printed security seals and basic ventilation at the top on one side have a small lift plate 510 gold plated spring 510. This device is solid, but the thick aluminum metal rattles and without any device,

specifications and characteristics reservoir Colmena:

Size: 43.8 x 24 mm
Material: Stainless steel
E-juice Capacity: 4 ml
Coil resistance: the 0.14ohm mesh coil ± 0.03 (50-90W)
Filling method: Top filling
tubes and the normal tube globe 3 ml 4 ml
high mesh coil watts and rich flavor
Easy to design refills
Adjustable system airflow under
Threads: 510
Color: White, Black, Blue

Ruffle tank tank ohms as the simplest in design with nothing new happening, but very well done and very nice, with a very good motor. The reservoir 810 consists hat tip cup herbva 5g click in and filling port ring, and the base glass. (Glass bubbles installed capacity of 4 ml, one right glass is also included with a capacity of 3 ml) can be easily removed when the database is opened the lid, the screw directly to the base coil and the lower central portion of the ring when you screwed juice filling the tank together.

Colmena 200W Specifications and Features:

Size: 90 x 49 x 28 mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy and Resin
Watt Range: 5-200W
Voltage range: 0.5-8V
Resistance Range: 0.08-3ohm
Work mode: VW / VV / TC (Ni200, Ti.SS316) / TCR
TC Range: 200-600 ℉ / 100-300 ℃
18650 dual output 200W Max
1.3inch TFT color display Ease of use
AERO sophisticated chip with multiple protection
The innovative “flavor Mode” function
Brand new menu system hive style
Threads: 510
Color: blue resin, carbon fiber

No battery

double devices equipped 18650 by removing the rear panel that can be easily done with the help of the notches on the bottom of the device. The battery compartment is very clean and tidy and equipped with a battery belt to assist in removing the battery. This is generally I groan because of the orientation is not marked in white and if that is the case, is a well-lit compartment when opened, the day or the management of artificial light can be easily seen. Secure the panel in place by four magnets (one in each corner) and even if it can produce a movement up and down by hand, it needs a force during use or shake the device without movement.

There are two models aligned and down and every 3 follows the contour of the hexagonal shape, the point is gray while the top is color and bright. On the top line on the environment, we must “Arteria” appears, in which the top and bottom lines meet on the left, we have the second airistech switch herb get code and right, have a padlock icon is gray display it. On the bottom line, have two of the battery tray, the design of two lined which together form the shape of a hexagon so that right at the top, then a watt (when the temperature control temperature).Nido is the usual 5 clicks to activate and 5 clicks to disconnect when a hand waving to say goodbye is obtained mortal like me (please, simple things simple minds). When the first device to come if you have installed a tank, or when the device automatically adjusts the power installed recommended reservoir (in 99% of cases, is likely to have to change) will determine the winding resistance. There are some shortcuts and features combinations press the camera button are two ways to change the font color and focus on the screen. By pressing the button 4 times Shot Put your color selection screen is a group of hexagons locked together in each hexagon is the color of choice white, green, yellow, orange, purple, blue and output. Whatever the hex moves will be bigger than the other hexagon is so important, how the full menu is displayed on a screen and you will have a hexagon that said production that brings you to the main screen, or a recount hexagon will and another that says this return which takes you to the previous screen. Another way you can change the color simply press the shutter button 2 times, but this does not display color selection changes the appearance of the next color. By pressing the + and – keys highlights all blocks and the rest of the screen becomes gray, this function locks the device and actually does not sound pressing the + and the fire for 2 seconds lock the keyboard and + – but the control of the triggering device to access the main menu is three clicks takes WORKMODE screen, said screen the hexagons power, temperature, taste (I cover this in the next section), the voltage (the device also has a mode voltage variable), brightness (adjusts brightness) off (if not turn off the power) and the output.

I love this menu specially selected hexagon how the next size increases front top, I’m just a little problem with the menu was misspelled many words relx vape pods show new everywhere.This mode is ideal for conversation topics when it comes to getting a person by vaping smoke, but is actually 100% trick. Once you have established your watts, then came into fashion sense and choose your taste does not change the power that makes me smile because people know that there is no way the camera can change parameters such as taste. But I want to know why and how to change watts to try to fool people into thinking that these devices actually do what lets face would techie, but vaping. In a research office, whether you choose the flavor profile that provides exactly the same power, so I changed the tank Watts now become, they were given, but once having the same power to everyone . then I realized I was doing the device, if you remember when the unit offers deposit recommended watt (fashion insiders) is defined as the flavor profile is selected from the fashion taste would quietly to experience the fashion -You thought he was reacting to the feeling that you have chosen, I actually replied to the resistance and tasteless, is 100% thing, but when you really see what happened, if it was not for me lmao would break than any other industry vaping will be disgraced for selling the big lie.

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