Friends around me started to notice that I use the e-cigarette

Friends around me started to notice that I use the e-cigarette, and friends kept asking the same question: “Does this really work” This has to be the question that every user of e-cigarettes will be required. How do you answer it? Do not worry about the answer, starting with Xiaoyan today …

Until now, I re-positioned the content of this answer, because the device is small cigarette that started in 2017 did provide an experience that is more effective and convenient for some to quit smoking. Although it can not be said that once you use a few small smoking device, you can stay away from a traditional cigarette, but it is clear that small cigarette device at this time will be more effective than ever. This effect is to stop or change.

A small smoking device I share today is called relx, which uses a common white minimalist packaging styles. It is difficult to detect the size of the packaging is in the picture, but in fact you will be surprised by the size of the box with this, because relx Volume packing box is two to three times that of a regular cigarette packaging equipment, which is twice as big!
relx <a href= target=_blank class=infotextkey> </a> evaluation of e-cigarettes

Although the experience of the packaging and the product itself will not have too much influence reciprocity, in most cases, smoke product discontinuation beautifully packaged will bring more affinity with some deliberate design, so that you are in contact with it had the feeling of a desire to try when you grow the products, and relx is that type.

This package contains the battery poles X1, USB charging cable X1, X2 cigarette bomb (mint / tobacco), and a large and “very verbose” Chinese manual. In fact, for small tobacco products in the hands of a player e-cigarettes, under normal circumstances, no need to check the instructions in the manual, but the manual relx will make you so curious because the words “I recommend to see” See what happens.

USB universal charging interface, this relx still follow the structure of the main devices of cigarettes, which is simple and quick to use. Appearance and size are close to the MT, and two air intake hole opened in the contact position of the body of the cartridge, which is similar to NRX was launched some time ago, and has the momentum gathering strength Baijia.

However, to quit smoking who are new to e-cigarettes, it is shameful to use a simple e-cigarette. Therefore, the manufacturer of “I suggest you read” manual contains a minimalist plain text. A “Using the Tutorial” is designed in the form to explain each step of the operation in detail. This is the best aid for those new to quit smoking.

The cartridge so that the original product has two flavors, namely fresh mint blue and orange classic tobacco, with a capacity of 2 ml and a concentration of 5%. It is standard to complete a small cigarette cartridges today. Regarding the internal structure of the cartridge, I am afraid that there is no need to disassemble it for consumer products, but there is no cotton in this cartridge, which is a new way of all-silicone sealing.

Tastefully two cartridges also have settings at the extreme end user demand. For example, friends who like to smoke cigarettes pop-bead mixture suitable to choose the “blue cartridge”. He did not have too many interpretations flavor at all, and violence. Very cool and cold are not sweet or fragrant, and cool straight line to the end. The second is the “orange smoke bomb”, or traditional blending tobacco leaf aroma, suitable for friends who usually like to smoke cigarettes in the country, and can swallow a certain sense of “comfort” of this flavor.

Facing Qingyi small cigarette devices currently use aerial ignition switch, can only say that the super comfortable experience that can be used at any time can be used to slap all the cigarettes using light

lost vape orion

Lost Vape Orion Review: 17 watts of power and a 950 mAh battery

Vapeciga lost vape orion is probably the biggest pod vaporizer last year. Now, in 2019, lost vaporizer published the second edition, Orion Quest (Q). This is a version paired down the original Orion GB for less than half the price, but most unique features go electronic.


Orion Q has an internal battery of 950 mAh and the output power is set at 17 watts. No map evo DNA and adjustments. This unit is equipped either by itself without sheaths, or can be obtained a kit comes with a pod housing 2 ml of 1.0 ohm coil Kanthal (the only official sheath mission).


From the outside entrance, there is virtually no difference between the two versions. What remains is finding quality construction and design. But is that enough to compensate for lack of any other feature?


Color of the frame: stainless steel, black, blue, gold (all come with panels made of carbon fiber)

Price: $ 27.95 (in the vaporizer element)



Dimensions: 93 mm x 37 mm x 13.5 mm

950mAh rechargeable battery

chipset plate owner

Maximum output power: 17 watts

stainless steel frame and PC-110 (Food Grade) pod Construction

LED lights intuitive – appropriate evaluation mode

highly reactive shots and setting button

pod cartridge design loading 2 ml

cartridge installation belonging to the sheath

1.0 ohms KTR pod Orion – Kanthal

Delrin Drip advanced MTL

Double adjustable air flow – is in the drops

screw cap, filling design

micro USB port

Short circuit protection

Low battery protection

Climate protection

Protection of low resistance / high

Frame color: steel / gold / black / blue


The contents of the kit

No. 1 x missing vaporizer Orion Q

1 x micro-USB cable

1 x 2 ml of 1.0 ohm-pod

1 x instruction manual

quality construction and design

Q vaporizer Orion lack Review | Half GO

As mentioned above, Orion Orion Q is essentially a GO with a different chip. If you are not familiar with GO, then I will discuss the search for that.


Vapeciga lost vape orion is a quality built camera pod and well designed. It has some weight to it, although it does not bother it is easy to carry. It is a vaporizer rectangular stainless steel frame and carbon fiber panels. With thick plastic sleeve, search weighs approximately 85 grams and dimensions of 93 mm x 37 mm x 13.5 mm. sheath has an air adjustable flow double slit the knurled ring on the base of the funnel own, and the fill opening to screw on top of the nacelle. pod filling is very easy. You can practically pour the juice, but because there is a lot of cotton on a boat, I recommend that you wait for the least 15 minutes to fully saturated.


After the pods on the device, they are very safe. There is a line and take a system module that inserts into, and removed from the slide switch on the side of the device. To insert the sheath, the angle capsule base (funnel) to the rear of the pod housing; then press the top of the filling until it clicks.


Published by firing button circular pod switch. Just you found easily without looking at the elevator, and is sensitive. Have the smallest bit of a rattle, but only if the vigorous agitation.



Q vaporizer Orion lack Review | Half GO

Orion Q good performance and enjoy using it, but it’s not as simple as it sounds. Although Vape tacit pods, and they do not leak, spitting or pop, some have too much cotton in the coil. Increasing the saturation time and the rest time in the coil. Sometimes, a good part of the first filling feels very far, to the point where it had a burnt taste success. In addition, all cotton means a sense of postponement takes longer than usual.


After the break in the coil, my last pod each about one week (or recharge 1-2 days) before the downward direction. Good teeth Q Vape 1.0 ohm flavor and vapor but mainly affects success DL lung or pulmonary limited by the high juice VG. It seems counterintuitive for success in the pod DL 1.0 ohms, but it works. Unfortunately, the lost vape orion show new does not do well for me with MTL – 17 watts of 1.0 ohm coils to make ends too hot, get hit in a row when the airflow is closed.


Q pods compatibility for Orion GO, GO resistance of 0.25 ohms sheath is beyond the scope of the Q and not pull them. Teeth 0.5 ohms work, but the performance was risky for me lately. Sometimes good and sometimes fried too hot. Also note that the teeth of Q GO work on Orion, but WRITES go to and play with the settings.



Micro ports front / bottom are well placed USB (unlike GO), but only in order to receive payment. GO, oddly placed in the port as well as to update the firmware and use WRITES.


There is a small LED just above the micro USB port that represents the state of charge in three colors:


Light Blue: 64-100

Violet: 18-64%

Red: 0-17%

As for the battery, which is great if I use 0.5 ohms (GO) or pods of 1.0 ohms (Q). Even when my light is red, it seems to last longer than expected percentage. I have always more than one day, and sometimes two days of costs. I clocked charging more than 90 minutes when connected to the computer – pity that there is no charge for the impact of the cost of the time. When charging is complete, the blue light (not wait to leave). In general, if you want a small pocket to carry the device to be held, battery life Q is a bonus!


pros and cons

Well done

The pods are completely safe

Long duration battery

Easy to fill

release switch pod is fun to use

adjustable airflow

taste and steam worthy

1.0 Ohm Q sheath does not work well for MTL

Some pods have too spools of thread

the cost of a long passage through



For half the price of the lost vape orion get code, Q is a solid purchase. Q has its flaws, but it was better than most fried pod on the market. cotton pods cut desire vaporizer lack of them, because I think the quality of pain vaporizer. But even with that, long battery life and build quality and design, Q is hard to beat. Not have all the electronic features of the march, but not everyone needs or wants all, especially for the higher costs.

I am confident in recommending these devices to the DL, hits the lungs is limited by the low mg e-juice, and I do not recommend the use of high strength nic salt. Also, remember that, for example, loses vaporizer for use only by Q. Q pods

You can buy here:lost vape orioni

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Smok Mag P3 Review: TC Box Mod 230W

I have one of the bulletproof kit for you. Vapeciga smok mag p3. 18650 is a double mod 230W and comes with this beast of a tank, TFV16. I’ve done a complete review of TFV16 separately so that we do not spend much time with her. But I just wanted to show that came in the kit.


Smok mag p3


Before entering the video, head on over to our Facebook group. We will have a link below. The larger the group, rather than age, more information can be. Head over there and check it out. There was a large group of people there.


From top to bottom

Smok smok mag Mag p3This is P3. Check out these bad boys. I’m really digging rubbery feel, that kind of nuance that mod Aegis. A feeling of good rubber. I liked that Andrade look like black carbon fiber imitation. I like this type of carbon fiber screen here. I’m really aesthetic. It was really. While we’re on this side, let me show you. There is a micro USB port there, behind the cover. He stayed. I like very much. Make sure that when you turn it down, push all the way to retaining its water resistance. Remember, this is IP67, dust, water and shock.


Smok mag p3


Check the flange. How you can simply slip your hand there and it just feels great. a very good work in this regard. In this case, the battery cover, do some other Smok. Watch this. Fold a little action there. Do you miss it? Let me show you again for you. Career! And see here. Look what we have. Plus signs and white negatives. Bang-up job, Smok. As. Great, great work like that. Basically, I do not know if you can see on the camera, but plus and minus buttons are red and blue. There are also gold-plated battery spring contact there. 18650 is a double mod So while we open, we will take the stack, as if. And boom! They click? Let me give you new to you. Watch this. the right button of the mouse. I do not know, it feels like the metal, which is undoubtedly the metal, but the metal. And cutting metal on metal, I love it. I’m glad you do not go cheap and plasticky it.


Smok mag p3


In this case, the two star plate fixing screws stainless steel instead. Has four rubber washers may include a screw that holds everything in place. stainless steel threaded here, spring, gold plated 510 I would say it was average free throws with spring means for her. I knew everyone wondered: “What’s up, Jack?” Well, here 3 mm smok nord show new this. Let ZOOM for you so you can enjoy it. No false, just swallow right. No problem. 31s with ease. Not really something I can show. Mod here, there’s fire finger on the trigger there. You can trigger this type. If you want to play, you can take the well. If you are right handed, however, it is how you maintain it. Want to start a fire that finger.


Screen and menu system

Five clicks without welcome screen Smok, version 1.0.6 P3 Mag. Let me show you the beauty of the screen because the screen is beautiful. This is a touch screen so you can see, now is locked. battery meter separately against puff in seconds watts. I’m hot, hard. There is resistance, voltage, that AMPS, is blown. To change the lock open, you like this, boom! Now you can adjust the power of me all the way. Rolls fast enough, all the way up to 230W. It was not round. But you know that when the reels of this fast, who cares? It’s okay. 98 pass when it did. If I wanted to display the main menu, I just hit that was there and now here I go my way, I could go to energy, the temperature of the temperature Ti, Ni, the temperature of stainless steel, and back in watts. Put in a stainless steel temperature. TCR is. I can adjust. I can adjust the power of here and just hit the back button. And now you can see, I am a temperature of stainless steel, but I’m always in degrees Celsius. So to change, keep rolling until it touches your Fahrenheit and gradually adjust the level of ten mode temperature control. Returns to the main menu. Here’s my fashion. I like the way they do. Not make your preselection here call mode and number one, number two, number three and number four. You can only set different default values. It was a bit cold. Here, we can get all the information on your breathing. You can take your breath away. And here are the general settings. You can access the general configuration. You can perform a factory reset, accessibility, on and off. Here is your theme, a color screen. I set very high for this video because I do not want the screen in time with me. But now that I’m almost done with the screen, probably I’m just shooting down for 30 seconds. In this case, the screen color. Red, blue, purple, gold, white and green. I would put it as red mod suits. That’s. You can see that. Then there is smok fetch click in. We made the issue and whether to add a password, you can add a password to it. So this is the kind of security the child’s own species ,. You do not want your child reach your vaporizer, I love it. I stay at the W mode and there we go, there’s your red screen.


While people. This is the full menu system there. It’s just a tough guy. Enjoy it.


test water

Insiders too! We can not do a review without proof IP67 water. There you go. This mod is in the water. There is no ellipses, nothing. You can see there is still nothing happened to her. Out of the water, you can see it soak, no problem, it still works. So do not pass the test of water.


Size comparison

Before size comparison with other mods I want to show the evolution of this mod. This is the original Mag. This version as battery clamps that many people have many problems with some after kind of outdated. You can see that kind of go with the same shape, but what kind of blow that part a little. And also, I think, TI made for lefties. Then they came out with deft finished mod. However, you can see that would have been the inspiration for her. I just want to point out that if you can see for yourself. It is a 225W Mag. This is not bulletproof, but IP67 is the first memory Mag.


Of course, if we talk indestructible, bulletproof, waterproof tested mods fell to the water, we could not have a conversation unless it includes the Aegis Geekvape line. This is a new Geekvape Aegis X. You can see, has a large screen, as Smok. Such is the original legend Aegis. The Smok can have a screen like X, beautiful and great. But in the hands, you get more of a feel of rubber that has the legend. Both modifications when compared X, a completely different feel in the hand. I think it is due to the X, you get more of a feel of the skin when placed in hand. They do not give you a feeling of softness. When compared to legend, when you hold down the button, you get more of it was rubbery feel in your hands. Therefore, it feels more like a legend. The bottom line is, if you like X or a legend, you might also like. So these are the two mods are very popular, especially this one, everyone has a story, so I want to show that compared to these two because this will give people an idea of ​​the size well.


What is in the box

You can also get this TFV16, this tank I pressed a full review so we will not go into here. It comes with smok rpm40 get code Wrap, straight glass pieces and protective glass bubble. Again, did a complete review of this tank, no effort will be repeated. Check the link below. Also in the package, you get a kit P3 Mag, a card backup battery, warranty card, a micro USB cable and a pair of O rings and seals for tank replacement is obtained.


Here we go then. One last look at it. Let me TFV16 about if you really get to see what everyone looks sale. Although I will not comment on the tank, there is a kit. So I want you to see what appears set sales. It seems absolutely incredible disgust tank top.



Insiders too! Let the drawbacks and advantages. We really had a lot to do. Let’s start at the counter because I want to end things on a positive note.


The first with would undoubtedly is heavy and it was amazing. It will change some people. This is a subjective scam.


What moves the arrow on the screen, the bottom of the screen, making damn fools. I do not like Movin dirt on my screen. I do not know why they do it. That angers me. I do not want to see any movement on my screen, nothing. I want to see everything that moves. I know it’s picky but annoying the hell out of me. This is a fraud.


This is a disadvantage for left-handers. If you are left-handed and want to take your finger off the trigger, and the display will be covered. Conversely, if you are right handed, which made for a right-handed, and fire from his finger on the trigger, you can see the screen. So for fraudsters lefties. For right-handers, the pro. I want to emphasize that left there. The good news is, if you are left-handed, and the fire of your thumb, the outdoor screen. It’s kind of the nature of the beast with things like this. I remember my first thought when Mag, which essentially left and got away with deft release. I think I have two, I own both versions. I emphasize that because it was a southpaw and right-handers out there, but there are more right-handed so for me, I’m right-handed, which is not an impostor.


I like the fact that they give you a piece of glass in the kit. I just do not like the fact that the right replacement glass. glass bubble is preinstalled, give me a replacement glass bubble, get rid of any law. Especially in settings like this disgust with the deposit of this kind, nothing really works directly on the glass of the tank as it will tear through the juice.


But it was at the counter. Unswitched real deal. Let’s step professionals.



The first is that the pro vapeciga smok rpm 40 touch screen which is simple and efficient. They did a great job on the touch screen. One of the best touchscreen on the market.


Quickly pulled.

It has a great build quality, no bells type.

a form factor that is very comfortable, feels good in the hand.

solid battery cover, I love the locking system they use. things not going anywhere.

This IP67, dust, shock and drop test. What’s better than that?

Bring a large atomizers. View on the plate, 30 mm is no problem in this big boy.

Love, love, love this. I think it’s the public.


I like the texture of it. Like rubber, the kind of feeling rubber tire on it. I love the texture, I like the form factor, professional.


Upgradeable firmware.


It’s a real simple system menus.


And I’m Diggin taste and clouds. Let me show you what I work. I’m 0.12ohms, 125W tank disgust over her TFV16. Look down. no problem with that. Very tasteful, very nice clouds. Simply put out. There is no doubt about it.


As it was, insiders. They are our advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about this a bit.



I must give credit where it is due to the smoke. They had just recently killed. In recent months, they released two modifications are probably my favorite of all the mods Smok time. The first is that the developing roller. I think it’s fantastic mod. I still use. And the other is P3. I thought it was fantastic. This comes at a time when it’s really good for me because now in New York, it was kind of winter. I like your finger on the trigger mods. What I like the mods trigger finger is winter in New York, you may walk around the bus stop, waiting for the bus, you can vape thing with a pair of gloves. Do not look for the shutter button. Is incredible. Winter mod is awesome, especially with this rubber layer, which is not cool. So I kind of am. Smok I do a great job with that, it was fantastic. Enjoy it. TFV16 tank is included, we have done a thorough review separately, we will have a link below. It was only an advantage if you buy a kit. This is a fantastic tank. This DeucesJack approved.

You can buy here:smok vape

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Review of Uwell pod caliburn Nunchaku 2 vape Pod Amulet Crown IV

Vapeciga caliburn is the latest producer of the popular Well vaporizer. They did a very good by tanks during the last 2-3 years (except for Valyrian) and even made a good kit with nunchaku kit, but it has been popular since the original crown always thought it was excessive. The original Caliburn is still one of the best system on the market sheath too. The Caliburn Koko is a simple small square, “Mi-Pod” type capsule AIO with peas and built in rechargeable 520mAh and breathe fire. Available in four shades of gray, black, red and blue. Elementvape they have in stock in the United States all colors in 37.95 and 13.95 for a pack of four pods to spare so good also price point.

Manufacturer Specifications:
Battery capacity: 520 mAh
Size: 67mm x 43mm x 12mm
net weight: 33g
maximum power 11 W
vape drive mechanism is activated to provide more convenient.
pod load, the profitable use.
Compact and portable.
Coil / Details Pod (2 selection)
2 ml capacity cloves juice
pod coil resistance: 1.2ohm
Food grade construction of the plastic sheath
Top dual port system filling – Tip Top Cap drip
It is supplied in packs of four (4)
Caliburn cross compatible nails with 1.4 Ohms
Included in the box:
1 x pod system Caliburn KOKO
2 x 1.2Ω Caliburn pod KOKO
Micro USB cable 1 ×
1 x Manual
1 x Necklace

kit contents

Vapeciga caliburn uwell simple elegant slim AIO (all in one) kit square pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and coils integrated in the nacelle so as to replace the entire Renova or Innokin EQ zero sheath. Intelligent design is very similar to mid sheath. This is a very small and easy to pocket. No air adjusted so that most of the pods. It’s not much, but it was cold when the pods have adjustable air, but not really the norm today is not only an advantage to having. It has an average capacity of 2 ml (TPD if consistent). Recorded in 520mAh battery (at Caliburn) and a direct output device and 1.2 ohm resistor and that the list 11 watt max According Well but prudent mathematical 11.09 watts, depending on battery power.It has a built USB support, which surprisingly has not registered or level loads more to do. I spoke with USB meter line and the level of fees for maximum .76A close enough to be rated 1A, but .75A-.8a would be better for me and more than enough for battery sizes. The total cost of approximately 60 minutes. As for the size of battery 556mah what no complaints. Technical specifications are registered and just over Caliburn even if they have the same value. vaping footbridge over (breaking load) if you can hit while charging. Drip and advanced is part of the vehicle itself, but removable to fill explain a little.

The Vapeciga Uwell Nunchaku 2 very well built, but also very light. Weighed shell 27G and 35G with full pod. They 33g are recorded with the empty case. Chat wise have a matte black, which is the body with bright koko logo on the side. I think that nice and simple, and does not show signs of wear eitherl. No complaints or wear paint. Pods attached to the battery and the magnetic system easy to get in and out and adjust so there is a very good job and fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath removed simply. The filling is very good and the best I’ve found on a boat. To comply remove the pod and pop out of drops tips are easy to make and faces two large holes filling, Thea majority large enough for a bottle good teeth into the hole and fill easily and vents. Then, when filled pop is dropped downstream. It is easy to complete.This usage is quite simple. There is only one fire breathing apparatus without a keypad is a big difference between it and the fire button and Caliburn have two options. I have no problem with the air sensor or stalled altogether. LED at the bottom before the pin and LED light enough to see, but not really when vaping. Fortunately, it remained for a few seconds after inhalation so you can easily check the load. When you vaping color lets you know the battery. meaning a total of 60% green, blue and red means the media 30-60% to 30% or less. Very good metro and fairly standard in most of the pods, but in step 4 will be fine, but it is still very smooth. capsule shell, but also clear and there is a small window of juice from a cut on the side so it’s quite easy to see the level of juice. The window can be a little bigger, but then again I’m picky. It is also easy to get out and see. 2 of my biggest complaints about the visibility of dark color and does not have a window juice and juice from this device does not make mistakes, so I have to give credit.

Caliburn simple elegant slim AIO (all in one) kit square pod, which means that no mod or a separate reservoir that can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and coils integrated in the nacelle so as to replace the entire Crown vape show new EQ zero sheath. Intelligent design is very similar to mid sheath. This is a very small and easy to pocket. No air adjusted so that most of the pods. It’s not much, but it was cold when the pods have adjustable air, but not really the norm today is not only an advantage to having. It has an average capacity of 2 ml (TPD if consistent). Recorded in 520mAh battery (at Caliburn) and a direct output device and 1.2 ohm resistor and that the list 11 watt max According Well but prudent mathematical 11.09 watts, depending on battery power. It has an integrated USB charging, which surprisingly did not record the level of charges or else to do. I checked with USB meter line and the level of fees it charges for maximum .76A close enough to have a 1A rating, but .75A-.8a would be better for me and more than adequate for drum sizes . It is total cost of approximately 60 minutes. As for battery 556mah size so no complaints. Specification is recorded and just over Caliburn even if they have the same value. Passthrough vaping and most (breaking load) if u can hit while charging. by advanced drip it belongs and is part of the vehicle itself, but removable to fill me explain a little.

The Caliburn Koko very well built, but also very light. Weighed shell 27G and 35G with full pod. They 33g are recorded with the empty case. Chat wise have a matte black, which is the body with bright Caliburn Pod click in logo on the side. I think that nice and simple, and does not show signs of wear eitherl. No complaints or wear paint. Pods attached to the battery and the magnetic system easy to get in and out and adjust so there is a very good job and fit well with any movement or play. To remove the sheath removed simply. The filling is very good and the best I’ve found on a boat. To comply remove the pod and pop out of drops tips are easy to make and faces two large holes filling, Thea majority large enough for a bottle good teeth into the hole and fill easily and vents. Then, when filled pop is dropped downstream. It is easy to complete.

This usage is quite simple. There is only one fire breathing apparatus asparagus is a big difference between this and the shutter button and Caliburn has two options. I have no problem with the air sensor or stop completely. LED at the bottom of the pinhole before and LED light enough to see, but not really when vaping. Fortunately, he remained for a few seconds after inhalation so you can easily check the load. When you vaping color lets you know the battery. that is, a total of 60% green, blue and red means 30-60% means that 30% or less. Very good metro and fairly standard in most pods, but in step 4 will be fine, but that being demanding. capsule shell, but it is also clear and there is a small window of juice from a cut on the side so it is very easy to see the level of juice. The window can be a little bigger, but then I’m picky. It is also easy to get out and see. 2 of my biggest complaints about the visibility of dark and has no window juice and juice of this device does not make mistakes, so I have to give credit.

The Caliburn Well Koko Pod Kit comes with two large pods. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There is only one choice of coils is 1.2 ohm coils. No wire material specification or a good bit. But you can also use Amulet Vape get code 1.4 Ohms teeth, which turned out to be great too. Use both modules included. I use all 50/50 and 60/40 nic juice salt 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. The draw is the solid MTL.

It is not very difficult, but not too loose. A little tighter then most of the pod I tried. Flavorwise has the flavor was nice. This level in a way some of the best flavors of the sheath can offer today. Very similar and the reader just push, maybe a little better than Caliburn pods. He also tried vaping thin chain and low wattage means not to use a lot of juice. Wise living coil is quite impressive. In this device, in general, I’m looking 10ml, as a minimum requirement, and all that is an advantage. For my first roll 40ml I met him before his death lived stupid. I found the other coil 20 ml through it and still works well, so yes very impressed by the life of the coil. I also use the Caliburn OG coil it to make sure it works since I was using my Caliburn and buys more coils and works very well. Overall a great flavor and a good balance and a life of the coil and consistency.

performance and details of the coil
The Caliburn Good Koko Pod Kit comes with two large pods. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There is only one choice of coils is 1.2 ohm coils. No specifications or a good piece of metal. But you can also use the teeth Caliburn 1.4 ohms, which proved to be too large. Use both modules included. I use it all the IAS 50/50 60/40 juice salt and from 20 to 25 mg of nicotine. The draw is the solid MTL. It is not very difficult, but not too loose. A little tighter then most of the pod I tried. Flavorwise has the flavor was nice. This level in a way some of the best flavors of the sheath can offer today. Very similar and the reader just push, maybe a little better than Caliburn pods. He also tried vaping thin chain and low wattage means not to use a lot of juice. Wise living coil is quite impressive. In this device, in general, I’m looking 10ml, as a minimum requirement, and all that is an advantage. For my first roll 40ml I met him before his death lived stupid. I found the other coil 20 ml through it and still works well, so yes very impressed by the life of the coil. I also use the Caliburn OG coil it to make sure it works since I was using my Caliburn and buys more coils and works very well. Overall a great flavor and a good balance and a life of the coil and consistency.

colors (4 in total)
The average capacity of 2 ml
good quality battery
Natural beauty
right size for easy transport
a good note for the battery size
the cost is quite fast (60 minutes)
a great taste for monodosis system
The pods are easy to remove and install
easy to fill (a process that fills in a pod)
vaping Gateway
LED battery meter is easy to see because it is still after stroke
Fireworks breathe fire
the lifespan of the battery is good enough
clove and clear juice windows
battery good enough meters
living large coil
2 cloves
OG Caliburn compatible with nails
juice window can be, I guess a little more
Additional steps in the counter of the battery would be
the costs should be recorded

So with all that said, I recommend this kit POD or not? I do not like as hard or not, and this I have to lean toward him pretty heavy. Honestly, I am against ticky tacky and quite definitely not all I can complain about this device. Everything worked as it should. They are the most important part, which is the right to life and the direction of the coil. They also handle most of the complaints I have with others, such as colored pods filling method, it is difficult to remove the pods, no juice etc.The Vapeciga Uwell Crown IV window remains one of the best in the teeth and cocoa market they are as good if not a little better. Great followed by a great device. I added to my CER below the associated spreadsheet, you can check if you are in the market for anything.


It was Anthony fried Keep only honest, I hope you all can say the same and I’ll catch the next revision.

You can buy here:Uwell pod

sourcemore thanks


VooPoo Vinci Review: you would obtain a constant vaping experience with max

Pod system Vapeciga Voopoo Vinci … another great Pod Kit Ah! Do not do!


Fortunately Pod current system is not generic.


After RPM40 Smok my opinion, it was very nice to have VooPoo Vinci arrived in the mail. He not only shares a similar style with RPM40, but also presented as a “Mod Pod” – or “Mod Pod”, as it says on the box.


the Mod Pod important movement is that it puts a line in the sand regarding the pod systems.


Has a distinctive sheaths closed system can not fill or coils change.


Then others refills – Smok and VooPoo But what has been done, is done in different subcategories and has been called the “Mod Pod”


So what Mod Pod? Well, I think it looks like a typical sub-Ohm tank internal battery device is established. But the difference is purely based on the “reservoir” which is actually located on the device and is not connected through connectors 510 regular.


The beauty of being a stay is always simple, you might be looking for a small device, but with a little more for their money.


So what will stop Smok RPM40 in your cart and click VooPoo Vinci is not? It is a masterpiece of the world Vinci?


What can we expect from Vinci by VooPoo?

To start VooPoo Vinci comes in 2 forms, Vinci, Vinci and R. The two are almost the same design and the same “pods” house – but Vinci including options to measure wattage button deployment option enabled or fire call correct color screen.


While Voopoo Drag 2 Mini Kit show new does not have a screen and has a parameter low, medium and high output. So if you are looking for simplicity – that Vinci-R may be a better option.


Vinci and Rome-R kit includes 5.5 ml “tank” fit the device with probably the most satisfying magnetic click I’ve met – and to make matters worse, has an internal battery 1500mAh, 2 flow options air and 40W maximum output.


So let’s crack on notice kit VooPoo Vinci and see what this is all about …


This kit was sent to me for review. All views and opinions are my own and do not reflect the opinions of others.

UK / Europe – Spend £ 40 £ 12 Save – code ECC

USA – Save 10% with code DNA10

Rest of the world – Using ECC 15%


Voopoo hands Vinci Vinci R Analysis and comparison


What is in the box:

1 x Vinci Tool R

1 x 5.5 ml Pod

Coil 1 x 0.3Ω PnP

1 x 0.8Ω PnP R1 Coil

Warranty Card 1 x

1 x chipcard gene

1 x USB cable

1 x Manual


Specifications and features

Size: 104 × 25.3 × 25.3mm

Battery: 1500mAh internal

E-liquid capacity: 5.5 ml (2.0 ml Version TPD)

Output voltage: 3.2-4.2v

Resistance 0.1Ω-3.0Ω Adapted

Charging: 1.5 hours via Micro USB

Available colors: The following is a list of


Design and build quality

I received a variety of colors carbon fiber Voopoo Vinci RBA get code, and it was a little boring kit-yet-simple.


It is a little heavy on the bottom, which is a good thing, even with e-liquid tank will not have a significant ongoing problem in your office.


And although it is physically larger than the RPM40 Smok device still is very pocket friendly. Think of it as a Chewits package in his pocket.


In fact, I liked the look and finish of Vinci. This is not a main shaft fingerprint magnet.


If the carbon fiber panel is a bit cheesy. However, there are many designs and colors, so I’m sure you’ll find your favorite.


With curved edges and a major, but the shutter button and a smooth fit it is very thin indeed.


In the hand

The Voopoo Vinci has a good weight to it, especially in weight due to the size of the internal battery, but also very beautiful finish and strong. No plastic here (a part of the sheath of course)


Vinci is a comfortable enough mod to carry and that feels very natural to hold and forth vaporizer.



The kit comes only with a sheath, which has a capacity of 5.5 ml and smoke, but not too dark so you can easily see the level of liquid mail.


PDT version is limited to 2 ml capacity, but it seems it was exactly the same size pulses, but with only a few forms of silicon plug installed, which can be removed? We will see.


I’ve already mentioned, but the beautiful mod pod pods click and no opportunity to easily fall – even tight films wrist.


smart things

There is something very smart with this thing you can not lose.


Pod itself offers two options airflow, simply by rotating the nacelle 180 degrees in the unit. This will attract more loose or tight. My next useful for those looking for a reel 0.8Ω stricter vaporizer.


Coil snap may not be your cup of tea, but this feature allows Voopoo Too Coils click in to use multiple coils available options.


PNP VM1 0.3 Mesh Coil

My kit came with a single coil 0.3Ω network – Recommendations 32-40w lungs gross direct coil with a nice large diameter and a large air flow slot in the base. A beautiful style open mesh network.


PNP R-1 0.8

My kit came with a coil 0.8Ω VooPoo indicating means-DL coils. And it’s only one way to explain it. With dual coil inside, and an air flow hole much smaller input provides a tight coil DTL interesting. But that does not mean one MTL coil.


RBA does not seem to be available coil, which would be a shame, because it’s something that interests me a lot of Smok RPM40


More information: The mouth to the lungs and lungs vaping

VooPoo completing Vinci Pod

To fill the capsule with the e-I first remove liquid from the car battery from the device, then:


Flappy is a piece of silicon and gently peel

Hold the horizontal and pod fill with e-liquid you want

Close the lid of silicone ensure full incorporation into the hole.

Go Pod on the device.

At this point, Vinci automatically determines the optimal coil equipped watts. Very useful if you are new, either vaping, or just are not sure what is best for the coil watt installed


I recommend you get breaks coil 5-10 minutes to allow the coil to completely saturate the liquid mail.


You can start your reel to save waiting time, simply by adding a few drops on a cotton ball several times. But somehow still leaves the coil fully saturated for a while.


Screen and functions

Vapeciga Voopoo Drag Software has a clear bright display that is approximately 0.8in high and about half an inch wide.


However, it was a bit dark. Especially compared to Smok RPM40.


The display shows the usual battery, watt, the amount of breathing, the breath time and the number of coils and voltages.


There are also some key sequences to remember


  1. Click the shutter button = On and Off

3 Click the shutter button = Auto Settings, manual drawing and second

Press and hold the + = Fire button and lock / unlock all buttons (fire is always activated when the setting)

Press and hold Fire and – button = reset counter blow

Hold keys + and – – Displays information blow

+ Y – to adjust the power of 5W-40W 1 mg gradually

automatic detection coil is also a very useful feature with this device, and in general all power was highly recommended automatically by the camera. Very intelligent and truly.


How can VooPoo Vinci Do?

During my tests, which mostly vaping nicotine to the low resistance of the e-liquid for limited supply of air sufficient coils 2 that come with Vinci.


I mean vaping happy in this Darkstar – Code Red.


On the other hand, I based my opinion on the use of air flow more convenient option for me the two coils should have a more open environment, rather than strictly a sweepstakes offered by pods rotate 180 degrees.

Any other business

With all the positive aspects of this device, which upset find the accumulation of which appears below the e-liquid sheath and the top of the unit after one day.


Even with a thorough cleaning, the same thing was happening almost every day. I do not know if the Voopoo Pnp Pod Kit show new on the reel is not rigorous enough, or if it was just an accumulation of condensation. But anyway, it’s there.



The sense of the two coils

Very good battery life

It feels well made and high quality

chucker Mini Cloud

magnificent views

Airflow options, but they limited to available


Viewing bit low

coil does not come to mind reliable MTL

Only 1 Pod with kit

Flight Number / condensation is a concern

The final verdict

I tried really hard to compare to anything Smok RPM40 Kit, which is actually the same. But if you look VooPoo Vinci Vinci lift or R – I’m pretty sure you have registered Smok RPM40 too.


I’ll try to briefly explain the differences between, and where I want.


Both kits produce excellent flavor and excellent vapor production, so whatever you choose, both obtained very good results. the same battery capacity and coils are available for both the kit too broad to register.


What it boils down to personal preference, coil Smok RPM40 RBA it will soon be available, may be enough to tempt you. Add in option 2-Pod which means you can make the most of the rolls of the North or RPM.

VooPoo coils but in my experience was very good, and Vinci have sense of quality and construction is a little better. The screen is however less than RPM40, but a little bigger.

You can buy here: Voopoo Coils

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relx airistech

Comment for relx america vape pods herbva 5g nokiva vaporizer airistech switch herb

In the above devices, I have examined mods pocket friendly nokiva vaporizer show new powered by an internal battery. The TC 200 is a hive Mod high power device is powered by a double 18650 is output usually occurs. This kit TC Mod 200W Colmena paired with simple but perfectly adequate Colmena ohms Sub tank.


1x 200 MOD Hive
1x Ruffled tank
coil replacement 1x
replacement glass tubes 1x
Package 1x O-ring
1x USB cable
2x manual
1x Card Chipset
1x Warranty Card
1x certification card

Aesthetics and ergonomics

Hive The kit comes in a cardboard box with a viewing window in a hexagon, so I knew that I had received before the launch of the resin opening, other versions are made of carbon fiber, but look the pictures I’m pretty sure this was the effect of carbon fiber it really is. Mod comes with a reservoir having a drop in black hive to match the tip of the resin panel of resin at the front of the device.

Many good printed security seals and basic ventilation at the top on one side have a small lift plate 510 gold plated spring 510. This device is solid, but the thick aluminum metal rattles and without any device,

specifications and characteristics reservoir Colmena:

Size: 43.8 x 24 mm
Material: Stainless steel
E-juice Capacity: 4 ml
Coil resistance: the 0.14ohm mesh coil ± 0.03 (50-90W)
Filling method: Top filling
tubes and the normal tube globe 3 ml 4 ml
high mesh coil watts and rich flavor
Easy to design refills
Adjustable system airflow under
Threads: 510
Color: White, Black, Blue

Ruffle tank tank ohms as the simplest in design with nothing new happening, but very well done and very nice, with a very good motor. The reservoir 810 consists hat tip cup herbva 5g click in and filling port ring, and the base glass. (Glass bubbles installed capacity of 4 ml, one right glass is also included with a capacity of 3 ml) can be easily removed when the database is opened the lid, the screw directly to the base coil and the lower central portion of the ring when you screwed juice filling the tank together.

Colmena 200W Specifications and Features:

Size: 90 x 49 x 28 mm
Material: Aluminum Alloy and Resin
Watt Range: 5-200W
Voltage range: 0.5-8V
Resistance Range: 0.08-3ohm
Work mode: VW / VV / TC (Ni200, Ti.SS316) / TCR
TC Range: 200-600 ℉ / 100-300 ℃
18650 dual output 200W Max
1.3inch TFT color display Ease of use
AERO sophisticated chip with multiple protection
The innovative “flavor Mode” function
Brand new menu system hive style
Threads: 510
Color: blue resin, carbon fiber

No battery

double devices equipped 18650 by removing the rear panel that can be easily done with the help of the notches on the bottom of the device. The battery compartment is very clean and tidy and equipped with a battery belt to assist in removing the battery. This is generally I groan because of the orientation is not marked in white and if that is the case, is a well-lit compartment when opened, the day or the management of artificial light can be easily seen. Secure the panel in place by four magnets (one in each corner) and even if it can produce a movement up and down by hand, it needs a force during use or shake the device without movement.

There are two models aligned and down and every 3 follows the contour of the hexagonal shape, the point is gray while the top is color and bright. On the top line on the environment, we must “Arteria” appears, in which the top and bottom lines meet on the left, we have the second airistech switch herb get code and right, have a padlock icon is gray display it. On the bottom line, have two of the battery tray, the design of two lined which together form the shape of a hexagon so that right at the top, then a watt (when the temperature control temperature).Nido is the usual 5 clicks to activate and 5 clicks to disconnect when a hand waving to say goodbye is obtained mortal like me (please, simple things simple minds). When the first device to come if you have installed a tank, or when the device automatically adjusts the power installed recommended reservoir (in 99% of cases, is likely to have to change) will determine the winding resistance. There are some shortcuts and features combinations press the camera button are two ways to change the font color and focus on the screen. By pressing the button 4 times Shot Put your color selection screen is a group of hexagons locked together in each hexagon is the color of choice white, green, yellow, orange, purple, blue and output. Whatever the hex moves will be bigger than the other hexagon is so important, how the full menu is displayed on a screen and you will have a hexagon that said production that brings you to the main screen, or a recount hexagon will and another that says this return which takes you to the previous screen. Another way you can change the color simply press the shutter button 2 times, but this does not display color selection changes the appearance of the next color. By pressing the + and – keys highlights all blocks and the rest of the screen becomes gray, this function locks the device and actually does not sound pressing the + and the fire for 2 seconds lock the keyboard and + – but the control of the triggering device to access the main menu is three clicks takes WORKMODE screen, said screen the hexagons power, temperature, taste (I cover this in the next section), the voltage (the device also has a mode voltage variable), brightness (adjusts brightness) off (if not turn off the power) and the output.

I love this menu specially selected hexagon how the next size increases front top, I’m just a little problem with the menu was misspelled many words relx vape pods show new everywhere.This mode is ideal for conversation topics when it comes to getting a person by vaping smoke, but is actually 100% trick. Once you have established your watts, then came into fashion sense and choose your taste does not change the power that makes me smile because people know that there is no way the camera can change parameters such as taste. But I want to know why and how to change watts to try to fool people into thinking that these devices actually do what lets face would techie, but vaping. In a research office, whether you choose the flavor profile that provides exactly the same power, so I changed the tank Watts now become, they were given, but once having the same power to everyone . then I realized I was doing the device, if you remember when the unit offers deposit recommended watt (fashion insiders) is defined as the flavor profile is selected from the fashion taste would quietly to experience the fashion -You thought he was reacting to the feeling that you have chosen, I actually replied to the resistance and tasteless, is 100% thing, but when you really see what happened, if it was not for me lmao would break than any other industry vaping will be disgraced for selling the big lie.

You can buy here:relx america

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relx airistech

Comment of pod relx cigarette airistech herbva x oil vaporizer

Vapeciga airistech is the last unknown Rincoe kits vaporizer manufacturers. They started a little over a year with a solid platform for a time called Ceto, then followed by a MOD with Manto. Since then it has been a little up and down but with mediocre 2 mods (Mantle and x s), then some modifications mechanical man power mode with 228W and 80W solid mechanical man. The Tix is a simple rectangular thin AIO style pod with snow peas and rechargeable 1000mAh battery and press the fire button.

Specifications of the manufacturer:
Dimensions – 90.7mm by 43mm by 19mm
Integrated battery 1000mAh
Watt Output Range: 10-20W
Level 3 power – 3.3V, 3.65V, and a full battery output
Yield: 0.3-3.0ohms
Zinc alloy, PC and IML frame construction
Cooking shield-shaped button
LED battery indicator
Pod magnetic frame panel
Recharging Pod – replaceable coil
Pod 2 ml capacity
construction of the category of food PTGC sheath
Side filling system – silicone caps
TIX series coil Rincoe

Hierarchical the coil facilities
based control ring airflow I threaded Coil
DTL options and air flow MTL
Pod Snap-In
Low battery protection
Load Protection
Short protection -Circuit
cord fixing point

MicroUSB port type C
0.8ohm mesh coil TIX
Regular 1.0ohm coil TIX
Included in the box:
1 TIX Rincoe Devices
Rincoe cartridge 1 TIX
1 0.8ohm TIX Mesh Coil
1 TIX ordinary 1.0ohm Coil
1 Type C USB Cable
Certificate Map 1
1 Warranty Card
1 Operating User
1 strap

The airistech herbva x show new thin rectangular Tix AIO (all in one) Kit sheath, which means that no change or a separate reservoir which can be used with other things. It has a replaceable pods for spare parts, but sold separately and the coils are replaced and can be reused as Pal sheath 2, breeze or Nxt North AIRISTECH.The Rincoe Tix very well built, but also the type of light. Chat wise to have a galaxy that is more matte black body, but the appearance of the panel, as well as galaxies and look good. No complaints or paint wear. The pods are attached to the battery by means of a spring system in the body of the device. To remove the cover has to remove the side panel by a magnet and the sheath press and drag. It works well and is easy to do and a good panel fit with almost no play. To replace the coil and unscrew the screws AFC AFC as wind or two PAL AIRISTECH 2 and takeup screw AFC to the nacelle. A method of filling a solid and worked well. This series rubber stopper with a huge hole and the plug is on the side so it is not necessary to remove the basket filler. Do not pull the plug and leave it out and filling. Works fine so no complaints.

The usage is quite simple. It has two buttons is a fire button on the front is the logo and make it visible to hidden imagesoil vaporizer click in know it was not a button. The other is the mode button on the side of click to choose between low power (red) Medium (blue) and high (green).

performance and details of the coil
Kit Pod Rincoe Tix comes with one but two large coils. All kits should always include two coils / pods. There are 2 options for this roll pack 1 kit ohms and 0.8 ohms. One of each is included. I use it all the juice 50/50 20-24mg on this unit. I found two coils more about the size parameters. None of them good spray string. The two levels of 2 to sense does not mean as good as some of the best, but not bad for everyone and acceptable. Lifewise but both are poor enough for me just coils obtain 6 ml of 0.8 ohms and only 4 ml of 1 ohm coils. 1 ohm coils was also slightly off the edges of 0.8 ohms in taste, but not much difference. Overall a pretty good flavor, but the animated reel overwicked so bad and do not spray string.

colors (Total 7)
The average capacity of 2 ml
Good quality battery
side panel assembly beautiful
right size for easy transport
a good note for the battery size
adjustable output
costs fast enough (about 1 hour 45 minutes)
pods are easy to remove and install said coil
platform can be reused (substitute single coil)
easy to fill
vaping Gateway
It is easy to see the battery indicator LED
excellent battery life
equipped with two coils
the usual sense of the two coils, but not great
adjustable airflow
no juice at all windows to see the level
pods too dark
the distance from the battery indicator and step 4 Enchant
lower life coil
overruns levels

So with all that said, I recommend this relx cigarette get code or not? I do not like so hard or not, and this, I have to lean toward no. This is a great device and really was a scam AIRISTECH PAL 2 in many respects, better built and has an adjustable output. But as my Friend 2 AIRISTECH coils are better than what it offers arteries, which are still not to the coil of the best single-dose system for one of them a large apparatus allow us a bad coil. I will not add to my CER associated spreadsheet then you can check if you are in the market for anything.

critical warning
I made a vaporizer review since late 2016 and has performed over 400 user reviews. I like vapers Forum and contribute to the community a great vaporizer. I’m not “off the beaten path” reviewer. I do my best to be complete, at any time and have considerable experience with many products say what is good and what is not. All modifications are tested with an oscilloscope and the test voltage and the results are shown in my opinion.

You can buy here: pod relx

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Review of vaporesso gen mod swag target gtx vape zero luxe

In this review, I’ll look at the goal vapeciga vaporesso gen mod – mod pod sub-ohms. Vapesourcing sent my goal PM80 for the purposes of this review, be sure to check their website for the latest equipment generation vaporizer the best price. For more information about destination PM80 Vaporesso

Specifications and features
Size: 102mm * 24.8mm * 33.4mm
Battery: Built-in 2000mAh
Output power: 5-80W
Cartridge Capacity: 4 ml / 2 ml (PDT)
Display: 0.96 “TFT
Load current: 2A
Charging ports: Micro USB
Coil Resistance: 0.2Ω GTX mesh coil (45-60W), GTX coil 0.3Ω Mesh (32-45W)
Color: Red, Green, Black, Blue, Brown, Silver
What’s in the box
1 x coil mesh GTX 0.2Ω
1 x coil mesh GTX 0.3Ω
Airflow 2 x silicone plugs
1 x USB cable
1 x User
Warranty Card x 1
1 x map Reminders


PM80 target has the same elegant appearance swag mod show new are known. The PM80 has a metallic finish and color TFT display polished measuring 0.96 inches generous. True, PM80 is a fingerprint magnet, but still looking for a wonderful device.

The PM80 is available in six different colors. A silver version with a geometric pattern on the handle, as well as carbon fibers and the version of the resin. With a height of 102 mm, target PM80 has a similar shape to other popular sheath mods, as Vinci and Voopoo Boost Aegis.

PM80 destination screen deserves special mention. This is one of the largest screens in a pod mod, and even includes an option to change the color scheme. 0.96 inch TFT display very sunny and bright, with all information normally on the model size.

chip axons
PM80 Target Chip Axon Vaporesso this card, which is the same chip and Swag Mod Gen II, which I recently reviewed. Axon The chip is equipped with several devices comprising pulse strong enough mod, providing constant power to breathe. VW fashion smarter detection coil resistance and provides several recommended power read on the screen.

The PM80 has a menu with several options normal size. You can choose to run variable PM80 watts or variably voltage. There is also a breath meter that gives you a weekly view of daily breathing. Another great feature is a super fast shutter speed 0.0001 seconds. All these features make the target feel more like a scale model PM80 and less like a pod.

PM80 Meta Vaporesso battery was integrated. The battery has a capacity of 2000 mAh, which is pretty cheap compared to the previous pod mods. The only drawback with pulse mode is that the battery works faster. At PM80 60W in use without pulsed mode, we get about 000 inhalations on a single charge.

PM80 is charged by the micro-USB and has a fast charge current is 2A. I found the booty II after the performance at 20% a marked reduction in energy production is the same as PM80. This feature protects the battery discharge, but it means a total capacity is somewhat reduced.

PM80 objective has no effect, so you can not use the device while charging. But with a quick charge 2A it takes 43 minutes to move 20% of its capacity. I like that the screen even tell you exactly how long until full charge is a feature I like most battery device could be integrated.


PM80 objectives sheath mod known sub-ohms. Vapeciga vaporesso target have different coils GTX are available that are compatible with PM80 Target and other pods as Vaporesso, Target PM80SE, PM30 and GTX Objective One. Objective PM80 was designed with vapers direct ii lung in mind and compatible with all coils covering the GTX. There are two styles of mesh with the resistance of 1.2Ω coil and rollers MTL DTL DTL and restricts available coils ,.

Each coil GTX has a lattice structure and is made in two nichrome or Kanthal. The RBA is also available for those who like to play them with 0.7Ω resistance is recommended. Coil with a mixture of hemp and cotton nonwoven fabric for long-lasting flavor. Vaporesso offer a choice of two coils in the table, the best 0.2Ω and 0.3Ω GTX GTX vaped vaped for 45-60W to 32-45W.

Included in the box are two pods, each with a capacity of 4 ml. Each pod has a reduction owners fall PM80 and fill the bottom. There is a spare rubber stopper in the box if it is damaged or missing. The coils are easy to install and help put the rubber O-ring. coil is fit firmly veil, but I realized after a few days of use, there is little visible residue juice in the battery contacts.

Pod filling is easy, and the hole is not bottled board adjustment problems. Replacement pods can be purchased separately in packs of two. 4 ml capacity is great, especially because it is a high-ohm watt MOD to find Pod recharge more often than usual. magnetised pods and easy to clip in and out of the battery. However, a very strong magnet so you should have a problem with your fly pod if dropped.
Target PM80 capable of a maximum output power of 80W. For secondary feed tank most users ohm enough and comparable to the one or two-18650 mod. But it is important to note that most of the recommended GTX 60W electric coil network. The only way that you will be able to use the power of maximum PM80 if the coil is used RBA.

Vaporesso latest version of single-purpose call 18650 SE PM80 launched. This version has the same chip and the design and appearance. If PM80 is also compatible with GTX coil. However, PM80 SE has a vertical screen that is smaller and does not have a color. 18650 This may be due to take up some space on the screen.

I really like using objective gtx vape get code because I built in the comfort of the battery. But if you want a little boost to value the ability to see the target PM80 SE. If you want to experience the full 80W, then it is definitely worth buying the RBA coil. GTX coil offers enough good taste and promises to be durable. steam with a target PM80 is up to the sub-tank ohms popular. What makes PM80 attractive to a wider range Vapers is that it was designed specifically for vaping directly lungs.Pro
Interest PM80 is a great looking mod pod, colorful and elegant designs.
The PM80 has an action and a comfortable size makes it perfect for travel.
axons offers several advanced features fries were really useful in pulse mode and Smart VW.
4ml large capacity, much larger than any other coating and the right to use the sub-ohms.
The large TFT color display, and provide all the information you need.
VW Intelligent and very useful impulse, PM80 is more like a full-size models.
By coil 0.2Ω I had some initial problems with it in good contact with the battery. It is important that sufficient coil inserted into the vessel to prevent leakage or read resistance.
Although the goal of PM80 80W networks allow all coils are rated for a maximum of 60W. So, if you really want to make the most of the coils PM80 RBA must be purchased separately.
After several days of intensive use, I noticed a leak in the battery contacts, more than what I experienced in another pod filling are low, but definitely something to keep an eye on. PM80 Target chain vaping juice will bring hot and therefore thinner that can cause leakage.

From the vaporesso luxe click in the camera, you can see inside the magnet slot and can see the connection here. Also on the upper side of the mod you can see the three holes on each side of the airstream.

Usually it receives the airflow 4 is necessary and can adjust the air flow. In the device, you can see the USB port can be used to charge the battery, the device supports Charing 2A. The device is powered by a battery and can be 18,650 to top of the stack to the bottom mod. With regard to the cover of the battery, and it works well when it is placed in the battery when the device is stirred without noise. On camera, you can see the shutter button, the screen and the plus and minus buttons. the shutter button is highlighted and so far it works very well, plus and minus buttons are also very good. In this device, the screen is 0.96inch and not a color screen that some people like and do not like someone, screen brightness is all very pleasant and you can see everything on the screen. ” This device can be used 5-80w.
To activate it, you need to click 5 times on the fire button and turn it off, you must do the same. When the screen is on, you will see:

– The indicator of the percentage of battery
– process
– Coil Resistance
– against the coup
– W
– Better
– hojaldre time (when the shutter button is pressed)

To enter the menu, you must keep the plus and minus buttons, and enter the menu, you can see:

– Intelligent vw
– Vw
– Vv
– default
– Departure

In this device, one can use this mode vv meet new people and their way of working here vw smart and when you use this mode, the camera automatically adjusts the power of the coil is attached to the work.
You can lock the device when you click 3 times on the shutter button, you must do the same to unlock the device. When you lock your device can VAPE but you can not use the plus and minus buttons.
When the shutter button and press the button again to return to the screen.

My spirit:

Thus,vapeciga vaporesso zero is available in 6 different colors.

Design of this device is really good in my opinion, the same as the previous version and the build quality is good and there is no complaining, everything is as it should be and you can not hear the sound when you put in the battery. Similar in purpose from the previous version to use PM80 comfortable and feels good in the hand. This package is really good, all in all, you will receive more with another device, you will receive 4 recording airflow, two balls and two coils that are truly amazing. channeling practical to use, but you can not use another drop of tips here will be a con for someone. Capacity 4 ml, which is a good capacity for this device. You can refill the cartridge with no problems with the gorillas and the remnants of the cartridge bottle perfectly in place. Here screen is different and there is a color screen as in previous versions, but the brightness of the screen is good and you can see everything on the screen. In this unit, you can adjust the air flow by using out of the box, it can be very uncomfortable, but it is a big pro that we can regulate the air flow. We can stop the flow of air on one side or both sides, you also can cut the sheets and included only one or two holes if you like. There are plenty of airflow completely open and when when you stop the flow of air in fact, you can have a random mtl really nice. With this device, you will receive two rollers and the device is compatible with many rollers. Also for this device, you can buy a big head RBA. Thus, this device is compatible with the 0.2ohm coil nets, nets reels, nets 0.6ohm coil, mesh coil, coil and coil 1.2ohm RBA. As I said in the previous post, I tried a lot of coils with this device and I can say that the coil was really good. Coil for MTL is also very good in my opinion. It’s really good that you can buy or MTL coil DTL for this device and therefore the device will appeal to beginners. With a great sense of premade premade coil and coil Absolutely brilliant. Create a very simple RBA head and remember that this is a beginner starter kit can use premade coil and after learning how to build and save money RBA really good. Season with coil RBA was also very good and the air flow in the coil hole is about 2 mm, you can use to restrict or Mtl RBA DTL vaping, perosanlly I want to use this TLD limit coil vaping. I think this is another device vaporesso really nice and easy to use device, several coils are available and you can now use 18650 battery whcih was great, I personally really device.

The inconvenients:

– Do not use more than dropwise advice
– No c usb


– Choice of colors
– Good build quality
– Device comfortable
– 18650
– 4 air flow taken inside the package
– Two coils in the package
– Two cartridges in the package
– Capacity 4ml
– Easy to fill
– Cartridge nice stay in place
– a good screen brightness
– Button Fire button and the plus and minus good
– Operating Vv
– Intelligent vw mode
– Good taste
– You can use it as a device MTL or DTL
– The head of RBA

You can buy here: Vaporesso

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Comment for vaporesso vapes gen swag pm80 gtx mods zero pod luxe kit

Vapeciga vaporesso gen kit come in various colors:

– Black
– Midnight Blue
– White
– money
– Green
– Red and blue


– filling tank capacity: 5 ml / 2 ml
– Output Watt: 5-100W
– Resistance Range: 0.03-5ohm
– Simple Battery: 21700/20700/18650
– Charging current: 2A

In the frame:

– Armor Pro Mod
– 18650 Adapter
– the baby tank CASCADE (02:05 ml)
– mesh coil (0.18O) already installed
– GT CCELL2 coil (0.3O)
– USB Charging Cable
– User Guide

Baby Cascade sub-ohm tank can be purchased separately in various colors:

– money
– blue
– Rainbow
– Gold
– Black
– O bright

Vaporesso swag mod show new cascade sub-ohm baby is very similar to reservoirs cascade sub-ohms, but there are differences and different capacities. I received a baby waterfall in black and looks good in my opinion. You can see some details on the plastic cap and can see the same details in the control ring airflow. In addition to the ring airflow, you can see engraved “Vaporesso” and the bottom of the tank, you can see recorded “Baby Waterfall” and “Designed and manufactured by Vaporesso”. Sub-ohm tank diameter is 24.5 mm, 58 mm high with drops peak, the baby cascade 5ml capacity, or can buy a release capacity of 2 ml tpd.First, what I want here over filling the tank, to fill the tank is very easy and I liked the fact that there is no chance you can open up the possibility of charging, you just pull the pieces of plastic and a boost to the side, when only fill reintroducing plastic parts and ready. About coils that have received the package, two coils work well. With coil CCELL there is much less air flow, but the thread of a batch of rolls GT airflow, so if you want a tight coil CCELL tie for you but if you like a lot of airflow want more mesh coil.
steam production in the sub-tank ohm very good to force recommended, of course, more steam coils nets but also will have more power to it. solid feel, I think it’s better with a spool of thread, but you can feel better with CCELL coil. Moreover there is no leak here.
What you may not like this is when you want to change the coil, for example, you must have a metal part of the tank and unscrew the base, because if the glass is maintained or even a fireplace without a roof top deck with the basis to dump thread.

The vapeciga vaporesso pm80 is also compatible with babies animals of the coil, which is a professional network.

To change the coil needs to unscrew the base, the base has a standard thread and screw the coil at the bottom. Put on right here. As always before refueling, should privileged coil with few drops post raps to prevent and after fillable tank and used immediately. Coils works well with liquid and I use vg-pg 70-30 and leaks.From the top you can see the relationship mod crimped stainless steel, because here is very good and here you can see the gold-plated spring pin 510. You can see the attractive design and the connection 510 is here mod will not be removed from the atomizer. You are employed here every atomzier diameter of 26 mm without being false.
We have some details about the mod on both sides, you can see engraved “Armor PRO” and behind the mod that you can see engraved “Vaporesso”. Always on the side mod you can see USB port for charging and improving deivde, 2A fast charge mod operator.
At the front of the mod, you can see the buttons select the shutter button on the screen, buttons and more and less.


Gtx mods for

Just below the peak fall in one piece of plastic, the parts are here to improve the system of charging up, blocked, and because there is a possibility that the plastic parts of the upper lid can be opened at random, which is very good. In the plastic, you can see the designs that will be easier to pick up the pieces and interesting. You can unscrew the plastic, but has a reverse thread. If you open the top section, you can see under the piece of metal and you can see how the charge here. Top fill out here is very interesting and something different from the other tanks bits. For the filling, you need to take a piece of plastic and interesting and can be ruled out, also on the upper deck, you can see where you have to push to open it. Holes for liquid letter is fine, maybe you will not have a problem to fill the tank.

Waterfall tank with a glass tank, this tank has a capacity of 5 ml was very nice. In the package, you receive the glasses back up if they break one.

To lock the device, you need to zero vape pod click in the shutter button, the same you have to do to unlock the device. When the model is locked, you will not be able to use the plus and minus buttons, but still be able to use the shutter button and the vaporizer. When the device is locked when each key is pressed as a small screen, you will see how to unlock the device and how to turn it off. When the MOD is off the screen, you can see the map and software versions.

There’s nothing here crackles buttons, very clicky, everything is here. What is interesting here is the shutter button, a large bar on the screen is a shutter button, which I think is very interesting and useful. Shutter button very clicky and very convenient to use, you can hit anything you feel like, I really like the shutter button. Fire Buton worked very well and there missifres all. We had a nice color screen with a lot of information here. The screen is very beautilful but the brightness of the screen is very low, especially when it came out, it was because of the dark bar at the top of the screen, which reduces the brightness of the screen. When you were in the room, basically all you see is very good, but when you get out, it could be a problem.

To activate the mod must click five times on the shutter button, the same should you do when you want to disable.
When mod lamp wattage mode, you’ll see:

– The battery indicator
– Preheat mode and
– Power, which seems incredible here
– coil resistance
– to blow
– Volt
– time vaping

As I said, this mod is one of the get code vaporesso luxe kit out there, I really like how it looks, mod is very nice in my opinion. Another option you might here is pre been normal, when connected to a pre been normal when the shutter button will give you a little more power and a little fall, which means they will shoot very quickly pressed, but if you do not like, you can put gently preheating. The chip works well, the board omni 4.0 is very good, I use this mod without any problems, everything works as it should. This view is very nice with a lot of information, but I like using the shutter button is transparent to the best brightness, personally I do not care, but it would be best for you.

To adjust the power consumption of the plus and minus buttons and a gradual increase or decrease of 0.1 W of power, but if the power button up or down as much as 1 mg maintained.
To enter the menu, you have to hold down the Select button or press the Select button 3 times.

From the menu, you can see:

1. Exit
2. VW H
3. VW N
4. VW S
5. CCW
6. SP
7. VV
8. CCV
9. SS
10. NI
12. M1
13. M2
14. BP
15. Set

To move, you have to use more or less the button when you want to enter a submenu you have to press the select button, press the shutter button to exit the menu.
This mod also has a mode VV know many people like in the SP mode, you can use the coil resistance of 0.03 ohms.

Mod supports three types of batteries which is perfect for me because I want to use battery mod 21700. Vaporesso pro armor is very comfortable, feels great in hand, one of the most comfortable mods out there, trust me it is very convenient to use and maintain. It is true that the model has a black screen, but I still love him because of the way he looks and all information on the screen, here we also have a lot of options and settings that personally also similar.

I think pro mod armor is very good and I recommend it.


You can buy it here: vaporesso vapes

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Explain the harm of smoking to the human body

Many teenagers and adults believe that smoking has no effect on their bodies until they reach middle age. Vape Atomizers Lung cancer, other cancers, heart disease, and stroke caused by smoking usually occur many years after the first cigarette. However, smoking has many harms, and these harms happen faster.

In fact, smoking has many direct health effects on the brain, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, Timesvape Dreamer Mod gastrointestinal system, immune system and metabolic system. Although not all of these immediate effects produce obvious symptoms, most of them begin to cause damage to the body—sometimes irreversible—and quickly cause serious medical conditions and health consequences when they first smoke.

Do you know that smoking can increase stress? Contrary to popular belief, smoking does not relieve stress. Research shows that, on average, smokers have higher stress levels than non-smokers. The sense of relaxation that smokers experience when smoking is actually a return to a normal stress-free state, and non-smokers can always experience this state Aspire Breeze.

The most comprehensive explanation of the harm of smoking to the human body


When you inhale a cigarette, it fills with toxins into the lungs. Coughing, dizziness, burning eyes, nose, and throat are early signs that smoking hurts you. If you have diabetes, IJOY Vape Pod System high blood pressure or high cholesterol, smoking increases your health risks.

There are about 4000 chemical substances in cigarettes, hundreds of which are toxic. The ingredients in cigarettes affect the internal functions of human organs and the efficiency of the immune system. The effects of smoking are devastating and widespread.

Nicotine is an addictive drug in tobacco smoke, which makes smokers continue to smoke. Addicted smokers need enough nicotine throughout the day to “feel normal”-to satisfy their addiction or control their emotions. No matter what kind of cigarette they smoke, Asmodus Vape how much nicotine a smoker needs determines the amount of smoke they inhale.

In addition to nicotine, smokers inhale about 4000 other chemicals in cigarette smoke. Many chemicals come from burning tobacco leaves. Some of these compounds are chemically active and can cause profound and destructive changes in the body apv mod.

There are more than 60 carcinogenic chemicals in tobacco smoke. Smoking harms almost every organ of the body, causes many diseases, and generally reduces the level of health.

The most comprehensive explanation of the harm of smoking to the human body

Smoke kills

Smoking causes premature death from many diseases. These diseases are basically incurable, but can be prevented by quitting smoking. Smoking is as shown in the picture above, it will kill you! Smoking can cause or earlier three main fatal diseases:

heart disease.

30% of heart attacks and cardiovascular deaths are caused by smoking.


It causes at least 30% of cancer deaths and 87% of lung cancer deaths each year.

Problems with the lungs.

82% of people die of emphysema and chronic bronchitis, smoking is the culprit.

So after knowing these facts Ehpro Fusion TC Mod and knowing the effects of smoking on the body, do you want to continue smoking or choose to quit? Please tell me, yes, you want to quit smoking!

Say “Duck NAK”!

The most comprehensive explanation of the harm of smoking to the human body

TAK NAK ROKOK Sports-Non-Smoking

In conjunction with the “TAK NAK ROKOK Movement” is a photo contest with cash prizes. Smok Nord The most creative photos of smoking will win.

The Ministry of Health selects the winner based on 50% of the votes and 50% of the score. However, no pictures of cigarettes or cigarette boxes are allowed.