What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

What is a Vaporizer or Vape?

Vaporizers are specialized gadgets produced to cozy natural substances to introduce their energetic old do yoa href have to be to ba hrefy a vape

Vaporizers utilize electricity or butane gas as a source of power to warm your plant concern to temperature levels below burning. At these temperatures, the energised vape warehoa hrefse elements such as cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, as well as numerous other advantageous compounds are launched without producing tar or smoke.

E-cigarettes as well as mods for e-juices, together with all kind of marijuana vaporizers, are referred to as \ \ \’vaporizers \ \ \’ or \ \ \’vapes \ \ \’.

Well, if you think about the Oxford or Cambridge a hrefwell vape dictionary, Vaping or vape \ \ \’is making use of e-cigarettes or various other tools that allow you breathe in nicotine or various other medications as vapor, rather than smoke. \ \ \’ Thefda vape term had really become so popular, that in 2014, Vape \ \ \’ was called as words of the year by the Oxford Thesaurus.

In this short article, we \ \ \’ll focus mostly on weed vaporizers.


SMOK RPM160 VW Pod Mod Kit

Here are a cheap deal to buy Smok RPM160, a more powerful version of the above systems as RPM80 sheath, RPM40 and RPM Lite. RPM160 has a new chipset, 160W, quick cooking 5ml nail color display, dual protection, easy to fill and exquisite design. AIO vaporizer system is sold with a carbon fiber finish in the following colors: 7 colors, black, blue, gold, red and silver.

Smok RPM160 Mod
As for the design, Smok RPM160 is slightly larger than the other PMR devices Smok but the dimensions are still unknown as of this writing. What we do know is that all versions of the zinc alloy body RMP160 with carbon fiber finish and color of the rainbow in the sky selection, black, blue, red, gold and silver.
On the control side, you will see a large color TFT screen of 0.96 inches with a new menu and all navigation easier for third selection button plus buttons. All statistical vaporizer on Smok RPM160 (current watts, voltage, resistance atomizer, operating mode, battery level and rinsing) is characterized by a crystal clear, so you will never look twice to get the information you are looking for. A shutter button and ergonomic greatness can also be seen at the top of the screen.
What distinguishes RPM160 mod apart from the crowd is that it uses two power supplies and long vaping 18650. Can recharge the cell through the loading port interface is reversible type C, which is very easy to connect Smok RPM160. In addition, the Ministry of Defense can extinguish up to 160 watts of power through a new brand more IQ-160 results in rapid fire like lightning. Adjustments can be made watts 1 watt for a wide range of power options. Finally, there are many safety features, including low shear stress 10 seconds short circuit protection and high temperature.

Smok RPM160 thimbles and spools
To increase the capacity of Smok RPM160 vape uncharged, each module can store up to 5 ml of E liquid. However, if you need a refill, the process is simple with the top hole filling arrested silicon, ensuring not charging leak.

For flexibility, there are two available for teeth RPM160 and is identical to that found in RPM80. The first option is the most pods RPM with replaceable coils that operate with many other Smok Pod systems. However, the use of the new cartridge is recommended conical mesh coil RGC. This header use of technology to produce powerful explosions nexMesh with the huge success of the throat and lots of flavor. In addition, this cartridge RPM160 Smok has a unique conical configuration in its kind of operation the flow of air in the water vapor is concentrated as it is channeled to the point falls while maintaining the taste -liquides and favorites of origin.

Features Smok RPM160

Sheath mod box system
Measurement: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
color options: silver carbon fiber, carbon fiber red, gold, carbon fiber, carbon fiber blue, black bow carbon fiber carbon fiber
TFT color 0.96 ”
Change font color
menu Vertica
New game CI-160 chips
0.0015s shots
18650 double
Reversible Type C USB charging
2A fast charging current
teeth 5 ml
The first port of difficulty filling
mesh 0.4ohm RPM Pod
cone mesh 0.17ohm RGC Pod
installing the coil push / pull
easily observe the need to load
adjustable power: 1W to 160W
the output voltage: 0.5 V to 8 V
Resistance Range: 0.1Ω to 2.5Ω
Protection of safety
low tension
10s cut
High temperature

As part
With the purchase, you will receive the jacket RPM160 RPM, coil mesh sheath WCR 0.4ohm RPM, the networks 0.17ohm cone-shaped coil RGC, cable and manual loading


Dovpo Topside Lite TC Squonk Mod Kit

Top Lite is the latest mod Squonk Dovpo Chronicles Brian and steam. The Lite is a battery mod mod Topside Topside 18650/20700/21700 90W but with little PCTG and a polycarbonate shell. It has the same power of 90 W and 10 ml bottle filled with maximum output Squonk above.
The big difference is only part of the superstructure Squonk Lite can be removed and replaced with a lid which makes it a regular mod box. Squonk is a special case mod mod in a single device.
superstructures mods became popular Squonk tail Squonk 2019 sets its bottles filled with a plug; Just open the lid, fill the bottle and is ready for new Squonk. This eliminates the confusion of having to remove the bottles to fill Squonk Superstructure directly to the device a great success.
Kit superstructure Lite also comes with a variant of the RDA. It is after four coils, such as updating a double reduction RDA RDA Digiflavor (also designed by Brian TVC).
Mod Lite Topside Squonk? And if it is, it is the value of the kit Varian grab RDA?

  • 1 x Accessory Bag
  • 1 x Variant RDA
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Topside Lite Mod
  • 1 x Box Mod Battery Cover

Topside Lite

  • 96” OLED Display
  • Top-Filled Squonk Bottle
  • Squonk Mod or Box Mod Mode
  • 90W Maximum Wattage Output
  • Power, Bypass, TC & TCR Modes
  • Zinc-Alloy & Polycarbonate Construction
  • Single 21700/20700/18650 Battery Mod

Variant RDA

  • 24mm Diameter
  • Side Airflow RDA
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Four Post, Dual Coil Build Deck

Design And Build Quality
Top Lite has the same general shape as the top face of 90W, but it is only bigger in every way. It is a little bigger, wider and thicker, but not by much. He also feels the same weight that is too heavy at all. It is a beautiful model and feels good in the hand.
Both changes are very similar to each other, but it is easy to differentiate from above Lite due to the polycarbonate section. Squonk This section has a dark hue, but I can still see my battery and squonk inside the bottle. It looks good, but is easily scratched. The rest of the Lite is zinc alloy superstructure. I use painted dark red color that blends in black at the bottom.
The Squonk section is detachable and held in place by a magnet in the model, two magnets at the top and a pin on the upper mod Squonk. When connected to the section Squonk is very strong and robust and does not move at all. The Squonk bottle has a large capacity of 10 ml and is very smooth and soft. It is very easy to Squonk with this mod, because it does not have to fight.
A the same as other modifications bottle superstructure Squonk family can be filled by unscrewing the upper cap. The thread on the cap is smooth and is much easier to remove and replace the other mods Topside. filler cap removed reveals two large filling ports can accommodate all nozzle size bottle.
The battery compartment is clean and fit well a battery or 21700 20700. The superstructure Lite also comes with a locking sleeve using a 18650 18650.
Removing the Squonk section allows you to convert regular box, battery Mod Lite superstructure. To do this, you should also unscrew the pin Squonk found in the Ministry of Defense. This pin is so small and easy to lose your best to stick with it! Fortunately, Dovpo includes two additional pins in the accessory bag if you happen to misplace.
Squonk with the pin removed simply set the door of the battery cover and Lite From above it becomes a completely different model. It is compact and super ultra slim that is perfect to get out and around. I can even put it in my pocket easily. The battery cover does not move at all, as it is held securely by the same three magnets holding section Squonk.
Buttons and screen on top Lite is identical to above 90W. The shutter button is large and round, while the buttons are small and round. Shutter button on top Lite is easier to activate the superstructure 90W and does not take much pressure. I had this result to accidental blow, but for me it is a fitting welcome. All buttons feel good and make a satisfying click when pressed.
I am impressed by the build quality on the upper side Lite. It is very well built and everything perfectly. How did the removable part Squonk is bold and innovative, but Dovpo fully implemented.

Features And Functions
Topside Lite mode power (power), the bypass mode, mode control of the temperature and TCR. In the power mode, you can draw from 5-90W which is standard for the model of the battery. Media temperature control with nickel, titanium or stainless steel and a range from 200 ° to 600 ° F.
The display shows the current mode, power, current, voltage and coil resistance. There is also an indicator of battery life at the top right of the screen. Top Lite is just as easy to use with its predecessor.
There are not many other amendments change the superstructure here, I can not imagine that the performance will be very different, either – and that’s a good thing.

Topside Lite keys combinations
On / Off: Five click on the fire button.
Enter the options menu: fire and Maintain left button.
Lock / Unlock fire button: Click the fire button three times.
Setting the lock buttons: Hold down both buttons together.
Stealth Mode: With the Press Locked knobs on the right adjustment button quickly three times.

RDA variants
If you buy a Lite kit from above, then also GDR variants. It reminds me a lot of Digiflavor the deposits only and there is a good reason for that; which it was designed by the same man, Brian TVC.
See the AC side of the air flow, it was like falling in only two columns of four air holes. It also has the same niche at the base of the platform to hold the cover in the center of the whole.
Options airflow in this crazy GDR. Connect up a series of steps that, when the airflow allows it to be placed in almost every way. These range from interesting DL DL ventilation pull a little limited.
You can close the first two holes or two lower holes or four holes in the top or bottom of the four holes. You can close the hole or circular hole column “L”. You can also close a hole individually according to your wishes. He’s crazy and amazing at the same time.
Although the choice of air airflow Pro for me is the ease of being closed. Not suitable and slots at the base of the platform is not much to do either.
development platforms like autumn. She has four positions have high tendency that the legs cut license after the roller installation. Message secured with flathead screws. There is plenty of space in the building platform that can accommodate large rolls easily. The property has enough juice in the air as well.
The center of the building platform has an interesting Squonk valve. Instead of having to exchange 510 pins, simply loosen the Squonk valve with a flathead screwdriver and ready for Squonk variants. EJuice is Squonk this central valve.
NOTE: If you squonking so be sure to loosen the valve before the construction of the variant. Otherwise, it will be difficult to clear debris from the spool and poorly constructed.
Performance: From Up Lite Kit
Alternatively RDA use a pair of coil 3 mm ID fluid Clapton 0.20ohm. I use 70VG, 6 mg of nicotine eJuice my tests. After crossing many options airflow, closing four holes, I found the airflow down and let the first four open. This gives the best flavor and hot 45W randomly.
The draw is DL and smooth air flow is somewhat limited. It is almost silent without whistling or turbulence.
The taste agrees with variants and I must say that autumn is the most delicious char. The flavor is not as complete and correct to the best of my new eJuice current RDA. flavor more subtle or complex is not done correctly in the GDR.
Top Lite is more reliable time I instantly attracts and produces up to 90W without breaking a sweat. One minor annoyance is that when waiting, the screen has some buttons to light the fire. It can be frustrating, but it’s not a big deal.
Squonking very easy. Squonk repairs and perfect mechanism with little effort required. Squonk Dovpo actually improve the system in this unit because I have not had a problem with it.
Top Lite works as well as the battery boxes models. Small and compact because my other mods replace a single battery, it uses a lot and will continue to use in the future.

The Topside Lite is another home run for Dovpo and Brian. It makes everything connected with Topside series that makes them so good while carrying the modular design of new flawless execution. Design and build quality is excellent. The device looks and feels good and everything together as it should.
DDR variant is a medium tank but it was not bad. If this will be your first mod Squonk and you do not have the GDR, this kit is not a bad choice. But if you own Squonk able RDA, you better just download the mod.


Excellent List Promotion Good Vape Uwell starter kit

$ 45.59 complete kit 80W Good nunchaku
Main Feature:
Container 1. Volume: 5 ml
2. Material: stainless steel and quartz glass and copper and silicon
3. Power range: 5-80W Caliburn
4. A new generation Well vape e smoker checks in a separate tube rack mod r + D.
5. Different modes: TC performance (NI, SS) mode, the bypass mode.
18650 6. Place the battery Uwell koko or charging via USB. Ignore battery contains
just replace the cap of the spool 7

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$ 32 Good Turn 20 and 22. The limited edition kit
Main Feature:
1. Great gift for Valentine’s Day
2. Good WHIRL 20 Kit – 700mAh internal battery – 20.2mm Diameter – 110.8mm Width
Now 22 Kit WHIRL – 1600mAh internal battery – diameter 22.2mm – 117.5mm height
3. The integrated monocoque design
4. The glass base quartz Caliburn
5. Maximum Watt: 25W
6. Output Voltage Range: 3.0-3.8V
7. Resistance Range: 0.5-0.7ohm
8. button operation
Intelligent LED display. 9
coil system approach Well corona Pro 10 – the professional system optimization of basic taste
11. Coil 0.6ohm Whirl – element Nichrome
12. The rollers uwell pods crown replacement Well Plug-n-Pull
13. Protection of good owners

less than the price of the company’s brand.
You will receive the amount of $ 1000 in your account.
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$ 46.15 Well Ironfist 200W Starter Kit
Main Feature:
1. The main points of the experience
2. Beautiful appearance, ergonomic design
3. Double-18650 Source with a maximum power of 200 W
4. With a variety of modes and safety functions
5. The system shows a simple interaction with the user friendly interface

$ 53.10 Corona 4 Good Kit
Main Feature:
1 volume containing: 5 ml (6 ml with glass bubble)
2. Materials: zinc alloy and stainless steel and glass and silicon
3. Power range: 5-200 W
4. Coil Features: Paprika Well
SS904L dual coil 0.2 Ω = 70-80 W
SS904L double coil 0.4 Ω = 60-70 W
The primary coil FeCrAl UN2 0.23Ω = 60-70 W
5. The patented technology Nunchaku uwell, no leakage.
6. double coils SS904L to improve corrosion resistance, lasting flavor.
7. UN2 integrated coils have what might be called the best flavor.
8. The method of SS904 SS904 Well nunchaku TC innovative coil crown.
9. Properties delivered PCBA conformal coating, anti-corrosion are very good, to protect life and developing the base unit mod.
10. The establishment of reliable performance and fast and solve new PCBA.

$ 33.51 nunchaku Good DDR Starter Kit
Main Feature:
1. single bag, comfortable to wear
2. With the support of the Uwell crown media Caliburn and a maximum power of 80 W 18650 pods
3. Easy to build a platform to facilitate the development of
4. The system airflow double or twin coils
/ 5. switchable current / SS / Ni
6. Compatible with Squonk Mod

$ 35.00 Good hypercar Starter Kit
Main Feature:
1. Optimize performance with an ergonomic design, easy to carry in your pocket
2. Battery technology Koko 18650 Well can consume up to a maximum power of 80 W.
3. 3.5 ml capacity filled with e-juice
4. Structure and magnetic triggers make silicon battery near convenient and easy to use, click
sufficient to replace, when the coil 5. Plug-voltage structure and light Well nunchaku
6. Power Mode / Experience CT / shunt vaping
7. vaping experience MTL and DT switchable

Hello friends, Caliburn
Vapeciga Now here’s a starter kit for you.
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Caliburn KoKo Best of Vape Pod Kits Uwell


This change does not make the list above, but in my opinion is a reference

Aspire Speeder – eccentric by the company at the center is limited. Particularly preferably 218 mod TC Charon and Smoant
Uwell Vape Tank sale
Smoant Gaia – 2 Mods victim of my new trade rules. I lost 30 mm pin for centering and 510 color screen Zylon. However, they are very good and everything Charon good race, I was not surprised Gaia has a lot of love

VooPoo slide – Safe from the Internet community skyrocketed, but it was because of the trend and the lower limit in the CV mode. Mod is still a big if

Eleaf Ikonn 220 – This mod will receive little or no attention, but it takes all foreigners. The only problem that I have a very small screen.
Caliburn KOKO Pod
Minikin 2 – less precise control of temperature and an additional list price, but this model is well built and electric mode.

Wismec Ravage230 – 360 exam this month evaporate, but it feels very good and gave me no problems. Unfortunately, you can see that this is not a free mod for 510 design, with a pen on the contrary, but I have not tested or usability issues. I see life in terms of nature, so I’m in a long list. thieves hope

VV best mods

IJOY Zenith – less than $ 30, the introduction of Ad-20 Ish. Both players and well built. Mod IJOY maximize this year, but flying under the radar

Dovpo M VV – in the range of $ 25-40 VV is the best dual-battery mod. excellent performance and a plurality of voltage V 1 with the full length of the battery voltage. It is built like a tank and has a nice rubbery finish. He retired to fly under the radar. people should

Asvape Lucifer – I have a lack of maturity, but VV mod bar is quite affordable than wood, not only beautiful and works well. Only the price of personalized number 218 Smoant Charon – not very good mod Smoant that promises so no complaints. And it’s pretty cheap around $ 30 Zumwalt AIO Kit

Hexohm 3.0 – cult classic The Company has built a solid model of the tank with a lifetime warranty. No mod $ 200

Uwell Caliburn Kit

A simple attack is the best mods / Innokin

Chroma-A, the internal battery temperature control 75W Model and well established. 25 A. Players lice spray is a very small change Atheon Pico Eleaf as the food was very good and very bad TC 25 mm reflective when

Geekvape Aegis – great mod SOB battery water, but strong and resistant to water.

RTG GT150 – internal battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh models Mod 150W smaller well, basically, in a convenient way

Create a list based on size – Eleaf Kiya. MOD easily concealed evaporator 50 Watt

Squonk best mods

Therion evaporator 75c lack BF – Chip DNA75c lost evaporator updated mod. What he likes. Notice to come to this in February

VT Inbox Hcigar – DNA Chip 75 in a small box. Some of the obstacles, but some fun sqounker

Azeroth coil Sqounk Mod Art – 18650 impulses Mech small metal box mounted sqounker cost 3D printing affordable Caliburn vape pod

Hum evaporator – if the number 1 on the list, but unfortunately it was not available when I found below. Two sqounker inertia of the best ever produced 18650

Geekvape Gbox 200 – could see, probably not. There are not enough judges to try to control the temperature, but not because of lack of employment opportunities


WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker 2 Mod Kit Using Experience

Introduction WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker 2 risk alienating the child (pronounced the mid-20s), the reader, I am very happy WISMEC If you want to three units of 18650 that recalls the design of the original concept WISMEC Tinker, “how to be Mike. “Your 80 shoes” Air Jordan “centered classic, but a proper name, the path to greatness, and a lack of interest on the back of the chassis to reduce a little Tinker. maintain, despite the new name to create WISMEC Reuleaux GEN3 claims 2 and Nike trademark violations, two 300W models 18650 more ergonomic that the stock is enough to Absorb the same DNA, but the flow of the whole experience improved package. Is that enough for your money? Well, read on …

First, a description of the “official” is

The WISMEC Reuleaux vaping TINKER 2 200W Starter Kit is robust and well designed and cheap vape kits. The integration of new chips platform game Avatar, the ignition timing of the duplicate design 18650 and impact-resistant and waterproof, and a new fuel subchannel ohms.

Starter Kit

TINKER 2 Starter Kit comes with a wide selection of 1-200W watts. Follow two batteries, a second man Tinker hidden in September under the battery cover on the bottom hinge spring having a pair of charged batteries not included 18650 sadly. Coupling with the secondary reservoir Ohm WISMEC Trough TINKER takes advantage of two relatively large diameters and carefully underneath the tank nipple ohms 510. In addition, the tank perfect sub-Ohm Channel using a number of options for those looking for a retractor coil design joins even vapers eaters.

Reuleaux Tinker 2
Check it out

WISMEC TINKER 2 200W TC Mod Box Features:

  • chipset Avatar
  • Size – 90mm x 28.5mm x 53.5mm
  • Two high Amp 18650 – Exclusion
  • Range: 1-200W
  • Output Voltage Range: 0.5-8.0V
  • Resistance Range – VW Mode: 0.05-3.5ohm
  • Resistance Range – TC mode: 0.05-1.5ohm
  • Speed ​​of Light 001S
  • PWR Mode
  • TC Mode
  • Mode TCR
  • RTC mode
  • Ni200, titanium and stainless steel child support
  • Construction of a zinc alloy chassis
  • IP67 – dust, shock resistant, and water

intuitive • Gatillo

  • Two keys
  • “color OLED screen 96”
  • transverse groove

charging battery cover • strut

  • overload protection
  • Shock protection

10s more protection

  • Short-circuit protection
  • overcurrent protection
  • polarity reversal protection
  • temperature protection
  • Record of 510 gold
  • Port MicroUSB – silicon film
  • Available in titanium gray, blue and purple, black, red

Ohm WISMEC reservoir sub-features:

  • Diameter 30 mm
  • Juice of 5 ml capacity

Stainless steel construction •
Pyrex glass reinforcements •
Slide the top loading system • – silicone obstructed

  • Coil series CANAL WISMEC
  • WT01 35ohm coil heads – rated for 30-50W
  • WT02 2ohms doubleheader reel – designed for 30-70W
  • Three winding 15 WT03 – rated for 50-90W

nipple • Coil

  • The wood pulp fibers and 30% cotton and 70%
  • The juice individuals and heating evacuation port
  • double bottom-placed adjust the airflow
  • Removable Structure
  • Port 510
  • Available in black, silver, gold and rainbow

WISMEC TINKER 2 200W Starter Kit includes:

  • February 1 TINKER
  • an area of ​​the tank
  • a head 0.35ohm WT01
  • WT02 double head 0.2ohm
  • CC 1 USB Cable
  • User 2
  • 2 Warning Map
  • Part 1

Recommended Vape Pod: Uwell Caliburn KOKO


Tinker 2 Wismec Reuleaux Rating And Review

WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker2 18650 powered by two batteries and our work to 200W. In the Ministry of Defense, you can see the details, the top must-see mod logo on one side, you will see the “WISMEC” and the bottom of the MOD, you can see the “product Wismec”. the mod you can see engraved behind the “two Reuleaux Tinker”. Mod Dimensions: 90mm x 53.5mm x 28.5mm and I must say that I really like mods shaped like that. This mod is made of quality materials and mod water resistant, shock, and dust that ferries are beautiful and many people enjoy the great features of this mod. Mod board you can see the skin and the skin, you can see a black frame. Personally, I really liked the design model.

From the top, you have a connection mod could see, and I had no problems with atomizers RX GEN3 with Gnome King tank that have tried this mod, we also have here the gold pin spring 510 move this mod, you can consume up to 25 mm without good fake atomizer for me because I used to use a 24 mm diameter atomizers

Sub mod battery cover and the MOD bottom can see the ventilation holes. The battery cover looks good, and I think that there will be no problem with the battery cover. Open a door of the battery, you can see the gums to ensure mod in water. Inside, you can see the alignment of the battery is inserted. You can easily get more or less, but the batteries in the model, and remove the battery mod.

From the front of the mod, you can see the cover, you can see the screen, fewer buttons, and a USB port. In the USB port, you can see the rubber plug that makes it safe from the water. In this module, you will use this interface for software updates and recharge the batteries, but as always, I recommend you to charge the batteries in an external charger.

Reuleaux Tinker 2

the fire button on these devices and can say that using the shutter button, very comfortable. the release button is dislocated and works well, I do not really have a problem with the trigger, I can also say that the trigger was a bit soft and I personally really this trigger. Buttons and more in less dislocation and both worked well.

The view is 0.96inch and this is a color screen. Because here to leave a blank space, you might be able to go with a larger screen WISMEC Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual, but I do not care, bright screen, and you can without any problems to see everything on the screen.

Informations on the screen:
– Day and time
– Power
– Ohms
– Volt
– Dual battery indicator

To turn on the device you need to click five times on the fire button and to turn it off you need to do the same. To enter the menu you need to click 3 times on the fire button and in the menu, you can see:

– Mode
– Sett
– Info
– Exit

If you enter the mode you can select from:

– Power
– Tc
– Tcr
– Rtc

If you select RTC you can set the big clock on the screen and you can choose from two different clocks which I believe many will like.
If you select the mode after that with 4 clicks on the fire button you can adjust the mode.

WISMEC Reuleaux Tinker2 200W TC Kit

When you choose Sett on the screen you will see:
– Coil
– Power
– Stealth
– Subpara
– Clock
– Preheat
– Timeout
– Exit

Here you can change some information on the screen, you can pick puff counter, puff time, amps or volts.
If you choose the info you can see information about batteries which is really nice in my opinion and also you can see the version of the software.

Device protections:
– Over charge protection
– Over discharge protection
– Reverse polarity protection
– Over 10s protection
– Temperature protection
– Short circuit protection
– Over current protection

How this mod works and my thoughts:
Tinker Wismec 2 under mod built, the means are resistant to water, dust, and shock. Mod is excellent in color and I think a good choice of colors. Mod is very convenient to use, in my opinion, I like the way these modifications and use this mod every day.

the fire button on this mod is perfectly located and convenient to use, really touches the fire with his index finger and function keys shoot well and without any problems. I like this model we have color screens and as I said I could see a very good mod. We also saw a train election time or amplifier volts for breath. As someone who really MOD WISMEC WM RBA Kit for date and time. The battery cover looks good, so far there is no problem with the battery cover and I think the door works well. I found the information that supports a balanced care model another power here, but I suggest you increase the score battery with an external charger.

When the button is pressed, more or less gradually introduced 1mg, which is fine, but I want to move a little faster here.

Mod works well, I have no problem with this mod, I tried MTL atomizer me here and also my dl atomizer and it worked fine, no problems. I love this mod is really that we can see the battery voltage is very useful to see in my opinion. This mod can be up to 24 mm diameter is used to spray also.

If you have had a good quality and very good work for a model, you can buy, because as I said, I have no problems so far and I think the mod is very comfortable to use with lots of features.


Wismec tinker 2 colors:
– Titanium gray
– Blue&Purple
– Black
– Red

– Size: 90*53.5*28.5mm
– Weight(without cells): 200.7g
– Thread type: 510 spring loaded connector
– Cell type: 2 * high-rate 18650 cell (discharging current should be above 25A)
– Output mode: TC-Ni/TC-Ti/TC-SS/TCR(M1, M2, M3)/VW mode
– Output wattage: 1-200W
– Resistance range: 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes;
– 0.05-3.5ohm for VW mode
– Maximum charging current: 2A
– Output voltage range: 0.5-8V

In the box:
– Warning Card
– QC USB Cable
– User Manual


– Maybe someone would like faster scrolling, I don’t mind it

– Waterproof
– Shockproof
– Dustproof
– Very good build quality
– You can use atomizers up to 25mm in diameter
– Comfortable for using
– The fire button works well
– Color screen
– Good pieces of information on the screen
– Clock and day
– Battery info
– Balanced charging
Shop Now


Squonk Mod Luxotic By Wismec Using Experience


The WISMEC Luxotic DF Squonk Mod is a new mod WISMEC and fills a niche that is necessary vaping, which has largely been ignored, 18650. dual mod Squonk is, I can not say it is I have three other mods from the WISMEC period latter, the tinkers, V80, and V200 review. Seriously slows we WISMEC new models do not have to every week. Anyway, WISMEC is a company that always exists and is one of the brands Joyetech does not really need an introduction, but experience has badly enough, so hopefully, this mod could change that. It is available in four colors, black, green, white, and blue. Looking around online for this mod to 40-60USD prices.


When I, I knew Mod roughly what to expect. I’m all Luxotic the mods those slightly in 2018. BF mod Luxotic is good for what it was, only mod 18650 unadjustable costs Squonk, mod Luxotic NC Squonk but this is not a double resin NC 2×700 original version, but unfortunately, it is not good to function and MF Luxotic one type of Franken model allows for single or double-18650 2×700 Squonker parallel usual mod and finally everything has been used in fact, under par. The Luxotic DF so essentially a gene 3, but removed with a battery with a bottle and replaced Squonk it has good size and shapes and design permanently. I like this system Squonk I will go, but other than that, not much different than past their mods.


The performance will be difficult to talk about because I have decided to stop after a week to work and a half. Not really die, but all kinds of sprays began throwing error, bounce resistance, and other issues. Before I bite but TC could not really use what I want and not a kick, but it was pretty bad and inconsistent and choppy. I talked to my friend and he was out of the TC expelled him and not die like me, but it seems that the TC is more straight. Power mode looks decent enough in my little need to use it, but again it was not really enough to use to get through. I think it WISMEC need really time to stop ignoring me and all complaints about their mods people who are at the bottom of the beginning start and stop using the old design the same, chips, etc., the company a new chip must find their avatar control Flee use them poorly and miles behind the same price of the chip as Aethon, Omni, ants, etc. The USA not really sure what at this time to do with the performance and problems with mods as pretty painful is growing every month or two look at the same case with the same problem during the last 18 months. All I can do is hope that they listen to the heart and take. Does not recognize the people that evaluation is done right is to serve two purposes. Objective 1 clearly VAPERS help spend their money wisely. Objective 2 is that they offer valuable information for the company, what they need to improve. This information is worth more than the price of mod and shipping and many companies do a good job of listening and thus a reason chose to improve another criticism ignores WISMEC and over again the same mistakes.

WISMEC Squonk Mod

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