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What to Look For in a Mech Mod

Purchasing a mosfet mech mod is a good idea for many people, but before you buy one, there are some things you need to know. You’ll need to consider the size and weight of the mod, as well as the materials used to create the threads. You’ll also want to consider how the mod performs and whether or not the mod has a vent hole. You’ll also want to consider cleaning and maintaining the threads.


Mechmods are a type of mechanical vape device. They feature a battery, a switch, and an atomiser. They can be used in both regulated and unregulated modes. Mechmods are designed to be safer than conventional vape pens, but there are some inherent risks. Luckily, these risks can be minimized by knowing what to look for in a mech.

The first thing to consider is whether you want a regulated mod or an unregulated one. A regulated device will recognize when your battery is too high and kill the current flow. Unregulated devices have no power limit, but are more dangerous. This can be a problem if you are a beginner.

You may also want to check out a squonker, which is a vape mod with an internal battery. It comes with a data cable, ready to connect to sensors and switches. The best squonkers are also designed to be extremely safe.

Another consideration is whether you want a hybrid or non-hybrid mech. The hybrid type doesn’t have an insulated 510 connection. You can use an atomizer with a protruding 510 pin, which delivers power quicker than a traditional mechanical mod. However, it doesn’t typically have enough room between the negative threading and the positive terminal. This can cause juice leakage.

Finally, you can use a regulated mod with a bypass mode. These are designed to work with a single 18650 battery, which will provide up to 80w of power with a full charge.

Floating 510 connection

Choosing the correct 510 connection for your mosfet mech mod may seem simple, but there are many factors that can affect the performance of the device. For instance, the quality of the threads can reduce potency. In addition, you must make sure that your batteries are rated high enough for your mod.

The choice of atomiser is also important. The right atomiser can keep your battery safe from burning or exploding. It is also important to know how to test the resistance of the atomiser. This will ensure that your mechanical mod will function at its highest level.

Another aspect that can affect the performance of your mech mod is the material of the contacts. Generally, silver is used, as it is highly conductive and hard to damage. However, silver is also more expensive. Copper and aluminum are cheaper, but they are not as conductive.

Choosing the right 510 connection is also important because some mods will add power to the output or store power before connecting to the 510. The amount of voltage drop through the mod will also affect the power output.

There are also mods that will cut off in the event of a short circuit. Some of these circuits are incorporated with fuses. Other mods use mechanical components, such as the “MOSFET” chip. These chips cut the circuit when the voltage to the 510 exceeds a certain level.

Vent holes

Among the many things that a mechanical vape mod should have, vent holes are probably the most important. They keep the battery cool and provide an outlet for gases that could cause damage to the chassis.

Vent holes can be located on the outside of the mod or they can be built into the firing switch. In either case, they are important because they prevent hot gases from building up and causing the chassis to fail.

Some mech mods use springs to provide the resisting force required to push a button. These are not only cheap to disassemble, but also can be coated in a variety of materials. Using springs in your mechanical mod will also increase the resistance of your battery, reducing its voltage output.

Other non-circuit based protections can include wires that connect components. However, these should not be applied to the threads, as this could drastically reduce performance.

In order to properly vent the battery, the negative pole of the battery needs to be mounted on the same side as the venting holes. If the positive pole is not vented, it could explode.

Fortunately, some mech mods have built-in air holes. These are usually located near the bottom of the mod, and are designed to allow the gases that build up during normal usage to escape in case of a power failure.

Cleaning threads

Whether you’re into mech mods or not, you’ll need to clean the threads from time to time. Not only are threads important for their own reasons, but removing the crud can help you get the best possible performance out of your mod. Mech mods are safe as long as they are well cared for.

As you can guess, the most important component of any mech mod is its threads. The most common threading material is copper. However, you’ll also find many more interesting variations such as copper blends and brass. All of them are part of the same circuit, so it’s important to take care of them as best you can.

Cleaning the threads isn’t all that difficult, especially if you have the right tools. A good starting point is to use a soft nylon brush to get in there. It’s also a good idea to use a microfiber cloth to polish it off. It’s also important to dry the threads off well before attempting to reassemble them. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a mess.

You also have to be cautious of cleaning threads that are still hot from previous uses. You don’t want to damage your mod in the process, so be sure to cool off before you do any thread cleaning. Besides, it’s hard to clean hot copper. If you’re planning to polish off your mod’s threads, make sure you’re wearing a hat.

Choosing a material for the 510 threads

Choosing a material for the 510 threads of a mosfet mech mod is a crucial decision. If you’re not careful, you could damage your mod, and if you don’t clean your threads frequently, you could also reduce the potency of your mod.

The best material to use for the 510 threads of a mech mod is silver. Silver has superior conductivity, which allows electricity to move more efficiently. Silver is also less prone to patina than copper, which makes it perfect for a mech mod. Copper, on the other hand, is patina-prone and increases in price with purity.

Another important part of the chassis of a mech mod is vent holes. These holes allow for gases to escape during an emergency. These holes can be integrated into the firing switch, or they can be a part of the outer body.

Another important part of the chassis of mech mods is the springs. These provide the resistance for button presses. The thickness of the spring determines how much pressure is needed to compress the spring. The springs can be coated in a variety of materials.

Some mechanical mods use a “MOSFET” chip, which makes it possible to select the voltage output. Other mods are not controlled by chips. Some of these mods store power before connecting it to the 510 connector. This means less contact is made between the battery and the positive pin of the atomizer.

Performance of a mosfet mech mod

Mech mods are classic vaping devices, and they are still in demand by vapers. They are sturdy, reliable, and easy to repair. However, there are several factors that can affect the performance of a mech mod. Some of these factors include the type of switch, the battery, and the quality of the connections.

For instance, spring-loaded 510s are popular among vapers. These devices use a metal pin that is encased in heat-resistant plastic. The pin moves back into place when the atomizer is removed. This creates less contact between the battery and the mod, but it also adds resistance to the circuit.

Another important component of a mech mod is the chassis. This is a part of the device that carries electricity from the atomizer to the battery. It is also a critical part of the device, as it allows gases to escape in case of an emergency.

Mech mods come in box-shaped and tube-shaped models. Box-shaped models are similar to the original designs of mechanical mods, and use the same basic circuit design.

Tube-shaped models use a closed circuit. This means that the battery cell still provides power. However, the circuit is closed by a switch. Mech mods with tubes are referred to as tube-style mechs.

There are also non-circuit-based protections. These can include raised plastic rims around the battery contact, wires connecting components, and plastic inner sleeves. These protections can help prevent short circuits, but they also reduce the performance of the mech mod.


Aspire Kumo RDTA Review

aspire kumo rdta

Designed by Aspire and German modder Steampipes, Kumo is an RDTA that features the patented Capillary System E-liquid Conduction Technology. This is a revolutionary vaping technology that will draw e-liquid from the bottom of the tank and into the wick. This allows for a cleaner draw, and produces a more intense flavour close to that of an RDA.

Aspire Kumo RDTA tank features superior manufacturing quality, a single coil tray and precision airflow. It is made of high quality stainless steel. The tank has a 3.5ml capacity, and the e-liquid can be easily accessed through a side-fill port. The Aspire Kumo also features a dual post clamp deck, making it easy to build a single coil configuration.

The Kumo is compatible with all e-liquid bottle tips. The RDTA is easy to fill, and its design allows for a tight seal. To fill the tank, simply remove the top cap and use the side fill port. A 510 drip tip adapter is also included. This will allow you to attach your preferred drip tip.

Kumo features a unique airflow system that is adjustable. It is set in slightly from the inner barrel, and can be moved to two different positions. One of the four airflow holes is visible, while the other four are hidden. The airflow is adjustable for both direct to lung (DL) and mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. The airflow system also includes a secondary airflow ring, which can be removed and changed in order to create a different draw. The RDTA has a 510 pin, and can be used in a hybrid mode.

Kumo RDTA has a 3.5ml capacity and is made of stainless steel. The tank features precision airflow and is made to last. The tank also features a patented liquid transport system, which draws e-liquid from the bottom of the unit and into the wick. The tank also includes two 810 compatible drip tips. The kit also comes with two top caps and spare o-rings.

Kumo also comes with two different mouthpieces. One of the mouthpieces is POM, or Post-Order Manufactured, which prevents the conduction of heat. The other mouthpiece is POM, or POM Pro, which features a metal drip tip that has been coated in Kumo colours. The RDTA also includes two metal airflow rings for the top section of the tank. The Kumo is available in a black satin finish, and has a silver finish available as well.

Aspire and Steampipes have teamed up to develop the Kumo RDTA, and they are dedicated to providing the best vaping experience possible for DTL users. Kumo combines Steampipes’ patented E-liquid feeding technology, and Aspire’s advanced manufacturing techniques, to create a truly top-of-the-line tank.

The Kumo RDTA is a top-of-the-line vape device that is well-made, and is easy to use. This atomizer comes with a 90-day warranty, and it accepts DOA claims within 72 hours of purchase. The Kumo also features a 510 pin, which means you can use it in a hybrid mode.

Steam Crave

Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA Review

steam crave v2

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade from your old aromamizer or just want to try something new, you’ll find the Steam Crave V2 RDTA Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA is a great choice. This rebuildable tank atomizer is built with top-notch materials and features an advanced juice flow control system. It’s also designed for direct lung vaping and features an adjustable airflow control. It’s also one of the more advanced devices on the market, and it provides a lot of features that you’re unlikely to find in other RDTAs.

Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus V2 comes in a compact design, and it’s made of high-grade stainless steel. It’s also built with a separate juice chamber, which will help the tank to cope with a wider range of e-liquids, including high-PG and high-VG ones. The airflow control ring is flippable, and you can adjust it to one of three different options. You can adjust the flow of your e-liquid to suit your preferences, and it’s also compatible with a variety of decks.

Steam Crave’s Advanced Edition of the Aromamizer Plus V2 is a little bigger, and it includes a mesh deck. In fact, you can buy three different decks for the device, each designed to perform a different task. The ring on the side of the tank has a series of holes, and when the ring is turned upside down, the holes will be converted into a mesh deck. This feature is designed to improve airflow while also providing a more accurate juice supply.

The juice flow control system on the Aromamizer Plus V2 RDTA has been redesigned, and it includes a 510 drip tip and a ring that can be turned to change the airflow. You can also adjust the e-liquid’s temperature, and the airflow control is designed to provide a smooth draw. The new atomizer also has a postless build deck, which will be pre-installed for you.

The Aromamizer Plus V2 is an upgrade to the original, and it comes with some of the most advanced features on the market. It also has a few components that could be improved, but it’s still an excellent device. You can adjust the airflow to control the amount of steam coming out of your tank, and you can adjust it to produce a direct lung hit, or a free hit, depending on how you want it. The ring on the side of the atomizer also has a number of holes, so you can adjust the airflow, even when you’re not in direct contact with the atomizer. The new version also has a new juice flow design, which means that you can control the amount of juice that’s coming out of your tank more accurately, which can make a big difference in cold weather. The new atomizer also comes with a few additional pieces, including a barrel extension and two strips of organic cotton.

The RDTA is also compatible with a variety of decks, including the mesh and single coil decks, and the Velocity Deck, which is a deck designed for use with high-power vaping.


Vapeciga’s Profile Squonk Box Mod Review

wotofo profile squonk

Whether you’re looking for a powerful box mod or a high-powered squonk device, you will love the Profile Squonk from Wotofo. This innovative box mod features nexCHIP technology for fast firing and multiple protections. The Profile Squonk has a fast firing rate of 0.001 ms. It also features a built-in battery indicator and an advanced Type-C charging system.

Despite the advanced features of the Profile Squonk, it is still a compact device. Its battery capacity is 7ml. In addition, it features a leak-proof silicone bottle and a durable zinc alloy chassis. It is able to work with two 18650 batteries for a dual battery system, or with a single 18650 battery for a single battery system.

The Profile Squonk can reach 80W of power and offers a range of wattages. The mod comes with an updated nexchip chipset, which enables Step-Up with a semi-charged battery. It also has a 7.0ml squonk bottle, and a Type-C charging system. It also includes an interface that’s easy to navigate. The user interface features six color themes and a 0.96 inch TFT screen. It is also water-proof and made of 100% food-grade silicone.

The Profile Squonk is designed for intuitive use, with buttons located on the sides of the device for easy reach and hold. It also features a quick-recharge system, built-in safety protections, and a sleek matte finish. It is also made from PC materials for conductivity. This means that it can handle high resistances for MTL.

The Profile Squonk comes with a squonk bottle, which is 7ml of e-liquid. It has a clear, easy to read interface, and a built-in nexCHIP chip for fast firing. It also has a leak-proof silicone bottle and squonk-cap design. Its batteries are compatible with a 510 connection, and it has a fast charging system that uses a Type-C cable.

The Profile Squonk is a collaboration with MrJustRight1, the same man who designed the Profile RDA. Its design is similar to that of the Profile RDA, and it’s available in two versions. The single battery version has a leakproof seal, and the dual battery version is the same size as the single battery version. It is also compatible with the Bottom Feeder system. It comes with a manual, and a squonk bottle.

The Wotofo Profile Squonk Dual-Battery Mod has a range of features and protections, including a durable zinc alloy chassis, an advanced nexchip chipset, and a redesigned airflow adjustable system. It also has a 0.96 inch TFT color screen, and a dual 18650 battery option. It has a maximum output power of 80W and can reach up to 200W in the dual-battery mode. It also features a 2A fast USB Type-C charging port.

Profile Squonk is an advanced squonk mod, and it is available in a variety of colors. It has a 7.0ml squonk-capacity, and it can work with a single 18650 battery or dual 18650 batteries. It is also waterproof and made of durable silicone. It has a leak-proof seal and a nexCHIP chip for instant firing.


Vapeciga Review – Vapefly Kriemhild 80W Mod

Vapefly Mod

The Vapefly Kriemhild 80W Kit comes with a 510 connection. The connection plate spans the entire thickness of the mod, which makes it more secure. It also has a 0.49-inch OLED screen for easy viewing of your e-liquid levels.

As a result, this mod is recommended for advanced vapoteurs. Since it runs on a bypass mode, it is not suitable for new comers. There are other starter kits that are better suited for new vapers. The Vapefly mod was designed in such a way as to resemble a high-end meca mod. It also has an integrated chipset, which allows it to perform multiple functions.

Another product from Vapefly is the Vapefly Optima Pod Mod Kit. It uses a single 18650 battery and has a max power of 80W. It also features a Type-C quick charging interface. The kit is compatible with normal, RDA, and RMC cartridges.

This electronic tube mod is a perfect choice for intermediate to advanced vapoteurs. Its chipset is similar to those in high-end meca mods, which means it offers multiple levels of security. It has a 0.91″ OLED screen, side-mounted controls, and a fire button. The display is also customizable and comes with VW, TC, and bypass modes.

Vapefly Kriemhild 80W Mod is designed with security in mind. It has a built-in 3S chip for protection. Moreover, this device supports an 80W output and has a USB type-C charging port. In addition, it also has a temperature control suite.


HellVape Fat Rabbit RTA Review

HellVape RTA

The Fat Rabbit RTA by HellVape RTA is a great rebuildable tank atomizer that allows you to extend your vaping experience. The RTA has a 5.5ml vape juice capacity and postless deck for easy coil building. It also features a dual honeycomb airflow intake for greater flavor and vapor production. Another great feature of this tank is its unique 810 drip tip design, which prevents condensation and maximizes airflow.

It’s important to use the right coil height for your RTA, as Hellvape recommends using five-mm coils. If you use a smaller coil, the coils will touch the airflow grids and prevent air circulation in the atomisation chamber. This can result in a stale vape.

Another feature to consider when purchasing a new RTA is the size and design of the tank. The Fat Rabbit RTA is 28mm wide and holds 5.5ml of e-liquid. It is also easy to build on, making it a great companion for larger vape mods.

The Hellvape Vertex 22mm MTL RTA is another great choice. This RTA features a turntable airflow design and dual airflow slots at the base. This tank is also equipped with a 510 mouthpiece. Another great feature is its dual postless deck, which means that it has multiple ways to refill your e-liquid.

Moreover, the Dead Rabbit RTA has a 25mm diameter and can hold up to 4.5ml of e-liquid. The RTA also features a 5mm deep juice well. It also features a top-side airflow and is leak proof. You can also use this RTA to build dual coils and single coils.

If you are looking for an affordable tank, this HellVape Dead Rabbit RTA is an excellent choice. This tank offers a dual coil configuration, adjustable airflow and a postless deck. The drip tip is made of Delrin 810 material. It comes in 8 different color combinations and has an airflow control.

It also comes with a 4.5ml bubble glass. The tank is also compatible with most e-juice bottles. This tank also features a gold-plated 510 positive pin. Furthermore, it has a PC thermal insulation plate to protect the mod from heat and scratches. Its glass tank is also removable and can hold up to 5.5ml of e-liquid.

For the best results, it is important to read the instructions and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you’re not happy with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 days. However, make sure to not use or damage it before returning it. If you do find that you don’t like it, you can always exchange it for a different one.

Thunderhead Creations

Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA Review

thunderhead creations blaze rta

The Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA is a dual coil RTA made by Mike Vapes. It is 510 compatible, has a large bubble glass capacity of 5.5mL and features dual coils. Its dual airflow system covers 270 degrees of coil surface area. It has a stainless steel construction and a simple yet durable design.

The Thunderhead Creations Blaze RTA is designed by Mike Vapes and is available in various colors. Its diameter is 26mm, and it comes with an 810 drip tip. It also features a dual 270-degree honeycomb airflow system and a top-to-bottom sealed design. It also has a patented post-less build deck that provides optimal airflow.

This dual coil RTA by Thunderhead Creations is designed to maximize flavor and vapor production. It is 26mm in diameter and accommodates up to 5.5mL of e-liquid. The Blaze RTA features a post-less build deck, a 5.5ml bubble glass, and a dual 270-degree honeycomb airflow system. The Blaze RTA is also leak-proof and has adjustable airflow.

Thunderhead Creations

Vapeciga Review of the Tauren RTA by Thunderhead Creations

thunderhead creations

Tauren Beest RTA from Thunderhead Creations is an elegant, 24-mm e-cig with a 4.5ml bubble glass. It is also built with a 304SS tank and a dual-coil deck with adjustable bottom airflow. The design is ergonomic and features a locking mechanism. This RTA is designed for advanced users.

Thunderhead Creations focuses on professional e-cigarette products, including electronic cigarettes, atomizers, and accessories. Its products range from a simple rebuildable atomizer (RTA) to a complex mechanical mod (mod), all designed with the advanced vaper in mind. And as a brand, Thunderhead Creations is committed to providing a wide range of high-quality, affordable, and functional products for a lifetime of use.

The Tauren One RTA features knurling on the side panels and has a unique 360-degree contact area. It supports a wide range of batteries, from 18650 to 20700. It is also compatible with dual-coil configurations and offers outstanding flavor. It is also available in four different colors.

The Tauren Max RDTA is Thunderhead Creations’ most popular atomizer. Designed in collaboration with US vape reviewer Mike Vapes, this atomizer features a dual 270-degree honeycomb airflow system, a post-less build deck, and adjustable airflow. It comes with a BF pin for squonking. The Tauren Max RDTA also features a dual-coil compatibility system. It also has an adjustable top and side airflow control.

The Tauren RTA from Thunderhead Creations is another excellent choice for newbie vapers. Its 4.5-ml bubble glass and dual-coil deck make this a versatile MTL RTA. It also comes with a storage case, and is compatible with a variety of batteries. It is able to be disassembled for easy cleaning. It also features a luxurious painting finish.

Thunderhead Creations

Thunderhead Creations x Mike Vapes Blaze RTA Review

Blaze Rta

The Mike Vapes Blaze RTA is a dual coil RTA that is a cut above the rest of its competition. With an easy airflow system and a great deck design, this RTA is an obvious winner. Here is a review of the Blaze RTA by Antony Lord from Planet Of The Vapes.

The Healthcabin Blaze RTA is packaged in a small presentation box with a clear window that lets you see the device. It comes with a 5.5ml bubble glass and a 2ml straight glass preinstalled. It also includes a user’s guide and spare deck screws and O-rings. There’s a coil-cutting guide included as well.

The Thunderhead Creations x Mike Vapes Blaze RTA features a dual-coil design with a 26mm diameter. It also has a 5.5ml capacity and a dual 270-degree honeycomb airflow system. It is completely leak-proof and offers excellent flavor.

The Thunderhead Creations x Mike Vapes Blaze RTA is made of durable stainless steel and a bubble glass. The Blaze RTA also features a dual coil build deck with a unique “WOW” design. The Blaze RTA also features a top-to-bottom leak-proof design and adjustable airflow.


Vapefly RDA Review

The Vapefly RDA has a deck that’s raised for squonking. It also features a rod guide at the base to prevent the coil from shorting on AF. It also features a stainless steel cap that slopes into a heat fin leading to the 510 mouthpiece. A number of AF holes are included for a custom-fitted experience.

One of the best features of the Vapefly RDA is its precision airflow design. It has a six level lateral airflow system, which is exclusive to this product. Whether you’re using a single coil or a dual-coil system, this device is perfect for you. It’s also made with durable materials, including Delrin and PMMA.

The Vapefly Holic MTL RDA has been designed with mouth to lung vapers in mind. It also features an innovative build deck and is compatible with DIY coil building. Vapefly was founded in 2017, and has a growing portfolio of vape products. The Vapefly Holic MTL RDA was created in collaboration with Japanese YouTube star Horick TV. The Vapefly Holic MTL RDA also comes with free UK-made e liquid.

The Vapefly Mesh RDA is an alternative to traditional RDAs. It has a large surface area, which helps the juice soak up. This allows for the production of huge amounts of vapor. Moreover, it is compatible with squonk vaping, as it features a bottom feeding pin.

Adding a coil is easy with the Vapefly Holic. You can use Ni80 coils or Firebolt agleted cotton with it. The Holic also has room for cotton in the juice well, which is convenient if you use a squonk mod.

Vapefly Holic MTL RDA combines many of the best features of their Rebuildable Tanks. It features an easy-to-use single coil building deck. It also uses a unique AFC system. It also has a bottom feeder pin for use with Squonker MODs.

In conclusion, the Vapefly RDA has a solid performance as a squonking MTL RDA. Despite a few minor shortcomings, it performs as it should in terms of squonking. It also has a large juice well and abundant cotton.