Uwell Caliburn Vape Pen Review

Uwell Caliburn

If you’re looking for a finely-crafted nicotine base vaping kit, look no further than the Uwell Caliburn. This vape kit has recently received a major upgrade with an increased internal battery and a new design. The Caliburn G offers even more battery power, a more discreet appearance, and a bright green LED light. There are many different features to consider when choosing a vape pen, but we recommend the Caliburn G Pod Kit as its main feature.

The Uwell Caliburn features a stylish ribbed body with a gold ring around the firing key. Pods are refillable and use 1.4-ohm parallel coils to vaporize the e-liquid. A small LED indicator is found at the bottom of the pod and a USB-C charging port is located on the base. The internal battery produces a decent amount of vapor and lasts for an extended time at 15W. The 690-mAh internal battery allows you to enjoy a vape for a long time.

The Uwell Caliburn is compatible with nicotine salts and various e-liquids. Whether you’re vaping a nicotine salt-based e-liquid or a classic e-liquid, the Caliburn Pod System will deliver the right taste and amount of vapour. With its dual-coil design and drip tip double as juice fill cover, the Caliburn provides a smooth throat hit.

One of the biggest problems with the Uwell Caliburn is the inability to find pods in the US. A shortage of pods was reported in discussion groups on Reddit. It was due to the Chinese New Year, when the COVID-19 pandemic reached its peak. Many people were unable to return to work, and therefore, a shortage of Uwell Caliburn pods hit the US market for a short period of time.

Despite its shortcomings, the Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod System has many positive features. The device’s aluminum alloy chassis makes it durable and provides excellent flavor. A proprietary Pro-FOCS technology recycles airflow back into the core atomizer. As a result, it loads the core atomizer with condensed flavor. The Uwell Caliburn A2 Pod System is compact, with a two-ml capacity.

Another notable feature of the Caliburn is the unique design of the pod. Its clear plastic cartridge has a small cutout to view the inside of the pod. Unlike most pods, the Caliburn’s cartridges are very easy to fill and use. It also takes 45 minutes to fully charge. If you’re unsure whether the pod is ready for use, you can always remove the cartridge and replace it.

The Caliburn is a powerful pod mod that works with either e-liquid or e-juice. It features a convenient, removable drip tip that hides the top filling method. Its fill ports are wide enough to accommodate most bottle tips. The pod is an exclusive feature of the Caliburn. This vape has one of the best e-liquid pods on the market. However, a small draw-in time is not a great reason to purchase this vape pen.