Thunderhead Creations Vape Cigarettes

thunderhead creations

If you are a vape enthusiast, then you have probably come across Thunderhead Creations. This US brand is committed to developing and manufacturing professional electronic cigarettes. The Thunderhead Creations collection includes vape mods, tanks, rebuildable atomizers, and e-liquid. In addition, this brand also sells various vape accessories and tools. In this article, we will look at some of Thunderhead’s top products.

The Thunderhead Creations Tauren Max mechanical mod is a good choice for vapers who want a high-end vaping device. This device has a striking design and is compatible with three different battery types. It is also pocket-friendly, fitting easily into a wallet or pocket. If you’re new to vaping, you can start with the Thunderhead Creations Tauren Mechanical. It’s made of pure copper and brass for a superior vaping experience.

The Thunderhead Tauren RDA is another excellent option. This tank features a 45-degree building deck and 28 micro airholes on each post. The Tauren RDA also features a dual coil. Rebuilding your own e-cigarette can be a fulfilling experience. Unlike purchasing a pre-made unit, you’ll be able to customize it in ways that are unique to you. For instance, you can add a coil of your choice or change the coils.