The GeekVape AEGIS Boost Review – What You Should Know About This vaporizer

The Geekvape AEGIS Boost is one of several vaporizers produced by VandyVape. The company was founded in 2021 by Christian Audigier and carries a wide range of electronic devices. Some are geared towards providing superior air circulation; others feature advanced heat management; and others are dedicated to providing their customers with efficient, affordable vapor delivery. The AEGis Boost, however, stands out amongst the line because it combines style with superior performance.

geekvape aegis boost

Like many vapes, the AEGIS Boost features a variable airflow control that lets you choose how much vaporizer you want from your device. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, but it can also be connected to your computer. Like the Jack Rabbit and other vaporizers produced by geekvape, this model features an advanced temperature control with four different settings: low, medium, high, and super high. The AEGIS Boost also includes a built-in memory card for variable voltage. There is a charging system that allows you to use the vaporizer on the go or when you have long sessions at work or at home.

Like its predecessor, the AEGIS Boost features a large, easy to read dial that makes it easy to locate your current battery level and adjust it without having to turn the knob to the right or left. The built-in temperature adjustment dial allows you to select a setting that allows the unit to maintain the correct temperature based on the room temperature, which allows you to be even more relaxed while you vaporize. Another major difference between the AEGIS Boost and the original model is the fact that it doesn’t use a USB connection. Instead, it uses a standard 20 pin plug that comes in handy for charging your electronic devices while you’re enjoying the cooling benefits of the AEGIS Boost.

The AEGIS Boost does not work with the same airflow technology as the original version. The new version utilizes a two-lane, variable airflow system that operates on variable wattage levels instead of airflow patterns that use a standard six-lane fan. Two of the adjustment buttons are located on the side of the unit, while the other two are located on the front.

Like the original vaporizer from GeekVape, the AEGIS Boost has a replaceable heating element that can be changed out as you need to. If you are using the kit in conjunction with the GeekVape Paraizer, you’ll find that you are able to use the Paraizer in a stand-by mode so that you don’t have to preheat the heater. The kit also features two universal voltage adapters, a battery life indicator light and a stainless steel plate that screws on to the outermost end of the AEGIS Boost. The plate allows you to place your vaporizer on a table or shelf when you are not using it and is easily removed and cleaned.

The tank of the AEGIS Boost is made of plastic and is dishwasher safe. It features a gold-plated screw-in connector and a heavy-duty stainless steel hexagon base. It also has a universal voltage adapter that makes it compatible with many batteries including: Sony, Enzo, iPhone and many others. The dual box mod has a sleek and compact design that makes it extremely easy to carry and features two adjustable airflow settings, a large vapor screen and powerful negative ion therapy. These features along with a high wattage, dual electric pulse engines, a precision ceramic heat exchanger and a powerful positive ion boost make the AEGIS Boost a unique unit that does everything you could possibly want out of a vaporizer. In fact, these features are so advanced that it is considered to be the most advanced model of vaporizers on the market today.

In addition to the amazing vapor production, the AEGIS Boost also offers a unique user manual that explains the AEGIS Boost in a layman’s language. It also features a two year warranty and comes complete with a vapor quality meter. The user manual includes detailed information on the two airflow systems as well as a detailed explanation of the coil resistance range. The manuals include a list of recommended wattage output ranges for users to use at various times.

The AEGIS Boost Pro has a unique heating element that is capable of providing a precise amount of heat to help you get the perfect flavor every time. The AEGIS Boost Pro also has an adjustable airflow system that can adjust to suit whatever you are vaping, making it the perfect unit for anyone who likes to have a lot of flexibility. The final highlight of this fantastic vaporizer is that it has a rechargeable lithium ion battery that allows the user to enjoy a continuous heating experience as long as there is a suitable power source available.

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