Squonk Mod Luxotic By Wismec Using Experience


The WISMEC Luxotic DF Squonk Mod is a new mod WISMEC and fills a niche that is necessary vaping, which has largely been ignored, 18650. dual mod Squonk is, I can not say it is I have three other mods from the WISMEC period latter, the tinkers, V80, and V200 review. Seriously slows we WISMEC new models do not have to every week. Anyway, WISMEC is a company that always exists and is one of the brands Joyetech does not really need an introduction, but experience has badly enough, so hopefully, this mod could change that. It is available in four colors, black, green, white, and blue. Looking around online for this mod to 40-60USD prices.


When I, I knew Mod roughly what to expect. I’m all Luxotic the mods those slightly in 2018. BF mod Luxotic is good for what it was, only mod 18650 unadjustable costs Squonk, mod Luxotic NC Squonk but this is not a double resin NC 2×700 original version, but unfortunately, it is not good to function and MF Luxotic one type of Franken model allows for single or double-18650 2×700 Squonker parallel usual mod and finally everything has been used in fact, under par. The Luxotic DF so essentially a gene 3, but removed with a battery with a bottle and replaced Squonk it has good size and shapes and design permanently. I like this system Squonk I will go, but other than that, not much different than past their mods.


The performance will be difficult to talk about because I have decided to stop after a week to work and a half. Not really die, but all kinds of sprays began throwing error, bounce resistance, and other issues. Before I bite but TC could not really use what I want and not a kick, but it was pretty bad and inconsistent and choppy. I talked to my friend and he was out of the TC expelled him and not die like me, but it seems that the TC is more straight. Power mode looks decent enough in my little need to use it, but again it was not really enough to use to get through. I think it WISMEC need really time to stop ignoring me and all complaints about their mods people who are at the bottom of the beginning start and stop using the old design the same, chips, etc., the company a new chip must find their avatar control Flee use them poorly and miles behind the same price of the chip as Aethon, Omni, ants, etc. The USA not really sure what at this time to do with the performance and problems with mods as pretty painful is growing every month or two look at the same case with the same problem during the last 18 months. All I can do is hope that they listen to the heart and take. Does not recognize the people that evaluation is done right is to serve two purposes. Objective 1 clearly VAPERS help spend their money wisely. Objective 2 is that they offer valuable information for the company, what they need to improve. This information is worth more than the price of mod and shipping and many companies do a good job of listening and thus a reason chose to improve another criticism ignores WISMEC and over again the same mistakes.

WISMEC Squonk Mod

Other Brands: Uwell, Moti, Teslacigs, WISMEC

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