SMOK Novo Vape Cigs – Vapeciga Review

The SMOK NOVO is an ultra-compact pod system that features a dual-coil setup and an OLED display. It comes with a micro-USB port and a single button on the body. The airflow system is new and is designed to deliver a smooth, satisfying vape. Another great feature of the Novo is its ability to accept the older novo pods, which means that the Novo can be used with older e-liquid.

The Smok Novo is an updated version of the novo. Its atomizer has been improved and it has a longer battery life. The newest novo pods are also compatible with the Novo X. It has a half-inch screen that shows puff count, power output, and wattage. It has a built-in 18650 battery and a 0.5ml capacity. It also has a USB port for charging.

The SMOK Novo is very easy to refill. The fill port is on the side of the device, which makes it easier to fill. Simply insert the needle-nose tip of the vape juice bottle into the fill port. The fill plug will seal the port so you can easily change your e-liquid. The SMOK Novo is the best pod style device to purchase if you’re looking for a new vape.

Compared to the Novo, the Smok Novo X has better battery life and is much more convenient to carry around. The Novo X is compatible with the old novo pods. The X is equipped with a half-inch screen, which shows power output and puff count. The device has a built-in 18650 battery, and it holds 0.5ml of e-liquid. Although the Smok Novo is not a perfect vape, it is a solid pod style device that can last for a long time.

The SMOK Novo X is an upgraded version of the novo, which features an improved atomizer and longer battery life. The device also works with the old novo pods and is compatible with most novo pods. The X is also easy to use, and it’s easy to keep track of. A small display and a built-in 18650 battery allow you to easily charge your SMOK novo and enjoy the flavor of your favorite vapes.

The SMOK Novo is a pod-style e-cigarette that allows you to adjust the amount of liquid you vape. Its lack of display will make it harder to see the flavor of your e-liquid, but its dual-battery design means that it won’t take long to run out of juice. With a 2mL capacity, the Novo has a long lifespan for vaping.

The SMOK Novo X is an upgraded version of the original novo and offers an improved battery and atomizer. It’s also compatible with the old novo pods, and has a half-inch screen that displays the number of puffs in one swipe. It also has a micro-USB charging port for easy charging and is compatible with most pods. This device can be used by most vapers without any issues.