Smok Mag P3 Review: TC Box Mod 230W

I have one of the bulletproof kit for you. Vapeciga smok mag p3. 18650 is a double mod 230W and comes with this beast of a tank, TFV16. I’ve done a complete review of TFV16 separately so that we do not spend much time with her. But I just wanted to show that came in the kit.


Smok mag p3


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From top to bottom

Smok smok mag Mag p3This is P3. Check out these bad boys. I’m really digging rubbery feel, that kind of nuance that mod Aegis. A feeling of good rubber. I liked that Andrade look like black carbon fiber imitation. I like this type of carbon fiber screen here. I’m really aesthetic. It was really. While we’re on this side, let me show you. There is a micro USB port there, behind the cover. He stayed. I like very much. Make sure that when you turn it down, push all the way to retaining its water resistance. Remember, this is IP67, dust, water and shock.


Smok mag p3


Check the flange. How you can simply slip your hand there and it just feels great. a very good work in this regard. In this case, the battery cover, do some other Smok. Watch this. Fold a little action there. Do you miss it? Let me show you again for you. Career! And see here. Look what we have. Plus signs and white negatives. Bang-up job, Smok. As. Great, great work like that. Basically, I do not know if you can see on the camera, but plus and minus buttons are red and blue. There are also gold-plated battery spring contact there. 18650 is a double mod So while we open, we will take the stack, as if. And boom! They click? Let me give you new to you. Watch this. the right button of the mouse. I do not know, it feels like the metal, which is undoubtedly the metal, but the metal. And cutting metal on metal, I love it. I’m glad you do not go cheap and plasticky it.


Smok mag p3


In this case, the two star plate fixing screws stainless steel instead. Has four rubber washers may include a screw that holds everything in place. stainless steel threaded here, spring, gold plated 510 I would say it was average free throws with spring means for her. I knew everyone wondered: “What’s up, Jack?” Well, here 3 mm smok nord show new this. Let ZOOM for you so you can enjoy it. No false, just swallow right. No problem. 31s with ease. Not really something I can show. Mod here, there’s fire finger on the trigger there. You can trigger this type. If you want to play, you can take the well. If you are right handed, however, it is how you maintain it. Want to start a fire that finger.


Screen and menu system

Five clicks without welcome screen Smok, version 1.0.6 P3 Mag. Let me show you the beauty of the screen because the screen is beautiful. This is a touch screen so you can see, now is locked. battery meter separately against puff in seconds watts. I’m hot, hard. There is resistance, voltage, that AMPS, is blown. To change the lock open, you like this, boom! Now you can adjust the power of me all the way. Rolls fast enough, all the way up to 230W. It was not round. But you know that when the reels of this fast, who cares? It’s okay. 98 pass when it did. If I wanted to display the main menu, I just hit that was there and now here I go my way, I could go to energy, the temperature of the temperature Ti, Ni, the temperature of stainless steel, and back in watts. Put in a stainless steel temperature. TCR is. I can adjust. I can adjust the power of here and just hit the back button. And now you can see, I am a temperature of stainless steel, but I’m always in degrees Celsius. So to change, keep rolling until it touches your Fahrenheit and gradually adjust the level of ten mode temperature control. Returns to the main menu. Here’s my fashion. I like the way they do. Not make your preselection here call mode and number one, number two, number three and number four. You can only set different default values. It was a bit cold. Here, we can get all the information on your breathing. You can take your breath away. And here are the general settings. You can access the general configuration. You can perform a factory reset, accessibility, on and off. Here is your theme, a color screen. I set very high for this video because I do not want the screen in time with me. But now that I’m almost done with the screen, probably I’m just shooting down for 30 seconds. In this case, the screen color. Red, blue, purple, gold, white and green. I would put it as red mod suits. That’s. You can see that. Then there is smok fetch click in. We made the issue and whether to add a password, you can add a password to it. So this is the kind of security the child’s own species ,. You do not want your child reach your vaporizer, I love it. I stay at the W mode and there we go, there’s your red screen.


While people. This is the full menu system there. It’s just a tough guy. Enjoy it.


test water

Insiders too! We can not do a review without proof IP67 water. There you go. This mod is in the water. There is no ellipses, nothing. You can see there is still nothing happened to her. Out of the water, you can see it soak, no problem, it still works. So do not pass the test of water.


Size comparison

Before size comparison with other mods I want to show the evolution of this mod. This is the original Mag. This version as battery clamps that many people have many problems with some after kind of outdated. You can see that kind of go with the same shape, but what kind of blow that part a little. And also, I think, TI made for lefties. Then they came out with deft finished mod. However, you can see that would have been the inspiration for her. I just want to point out that if you can see for yourself. It is a 225W Mag. This is not bulletproof, but IP67 is the first memory Mag.


Of course, if we talk indestructible, bulletproof, waterproof tested mods fell to the water, we could not have a conversation unless it includes the Aegis Geekvape line. This is a new Geekvape Aegis X. You can see, has a large screen, as Smok. Such is the original legend Aegis. The Smok can have a screen like X, beautiful and great. But in the hands, you get more of a feel of rubber that has the legend. Both modifications when compared X, a completely different feel in the hand. I think it is due to the X, you get more of a feel of the skin when placed in hand. They do not give you a feeling of softness. When compared to legend, when you hold down the button, you get more of it was rubbery feel in your hands. Therefore, it feels more like a legend. The bottom line is, if you like X or a legend, you might also like. So these are the two mods are very popular, especially this one, everyone has a story, so I want to show that compared to these two because this will give people an idea of ​​the size well.


What is in the box

You can also get this TFV16, this tank I pressed a full review so we will not go into here. It comes with smok rpm40 get code Wrap, straight glass pieces and protective glass bubble. Again, did a complete review of this tank, no effort will be repeated. Check the link below. Also in the package, you get a kit P3 Mag, a card backup battery, warranty card, a micro USB cable and a pair of O rings and seals for tank replacement is obtained.


Here we go then. One last look at it. Let me TFV16 about if you really get to see what everyone looks sale. Although I will not comment on the tank, there is a kit. So I want you to see what appears set sales. It seems absolutely incredible disgust tank top.



Insiders too! Let the drawbacks and advantages. We really had a lot to do. Let’s start at the counter because I want to end things on a positive note.


The first with would undoubtedly is heavy and it was amazing. It will change some people. This is a subjective scam.


What moves the arrow on the screen, the bottom of the screen, making damn fools. I do not like Movin dirt on my screen. I do not know why they do it. That angers me. I do not want to see any movement on my screen, nothing. I want to see everything that moves. I know it’s picky but annoying the hell out of me. This is a fraud.


This is a disadvantage for left-handers. If you are left-handed and want to take your finger off the trigger, and the display will be covered. Conversely, if you are right handed, which made for a right-handed, and fire from his finger on the trigger, you can see the screen. So for fraudsters lefties. For right-handers, the pro. I want to emphasize that left there. The good news is, if you are left-handed, and the fire of your thumb, the outdoor screen. It’s kind of the nature of the beast with things like this. I remember my first thought when Mag, which essentially left and got away with deft release. I think I have two, I own both versions. I emphasize that because it was a southpaw and right-handers out there, but there are more right-handed so for me, I’m right-handed, which is not an impostor.


I like the fact that they give you a piece of glass in the kit. I just do not like the fact that the right replacement glass. glass bubble is preinstalled, give me a replacement glass bubble, get rid of any law. Especially in settings like this disgust with the deposit of this kind, nothing really works directly on the glass of the tank as it will tear through the juice.


But it was at the counter. Unswitched real deal. Let’s step professionals.



The first is that the pro vapeciga smok rpm 40 touch screen which is simple and efficient. They did a great job on the touch screen. One of the best touchscreen on the market.


Quickly pulled.

It has a great build quality, no bells type.

a form factor that is very comfortable, feels good in the hand.

solid battery cover, I love the locking system they use. things not going anywhere.

This IP67, dust, shock and drop test. What’s better than that?

Bring a large atomizers. View on the plate, 30 mm is no problem in this big boy.

Love, love, love this. I think it’s the public.


I like the texture of it. Like rubber, the kind of feeling rubber tire on it. I love the texture, I like the form factor, professional.


Upgradeable firmware.


It’s a real simple system menus.


And I’m Diggin taste and clouds. Let me show you what I work. I’m 0.12ohms, 125W tank disgust over her TFV16. Look down. no problem with that. Very tasteful, very nice clouds. Simply put out. There is no doubt about it.


As it was, insiders. They are our advantages and disadvantages. Let’s talk about this a bit.



I must give credit where it is due to the smoke. They had just recently killed. In recent months, they released two modifications are probably my favorite of all the mods Smok time. The first is that the developing roller. I think it’s fantastic mod. I still use. And the other is P3. I thought it was fantastic. This comes at a time when it’s really good for me because now in New York, it was kind of winter. I like your finger on the trigger mods. What I like the mods trigger finger is winter in New York, you may walk around the bus stop, waiting for the bus, you can vape thing with a pair of gloves. Do not look for the shutter button. Is incredible. Winter mod is awesome, especially with this rubber layer, which is not cool. So I kind of am. Smok I do a great job with that, it was fantastic. Enjoy it. TFV16 tank is included, we have done a thorough review separately, we will have a link below. It was only an advantage if you buy a kit. This is a fantastic tank. This DeucesJack approved.

You can buy here:smok vape

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