Review of the ijoy Vapes 2nd Edition – Best Portable Vaporizer

ijoy vape

The IJoy Vapemaker is a new all in one electronic vaporizer that combines the best of three major electronic personal care products into one sleek and portable package. It is truly the ultimate box mod or starter kit. For those not familiar with it, the IJoy Vaporizer is an electronic vaporizer that comes complete with a mouthpiece, an included air stone, and two different kinds of tanks – a rebuildable type that requires filling and a tankless type that has a removable coil allowing you to go through your vapor session without having to continuously refills. All in all, the IJoy Vapemaker delivers all of the best of the high end personal care industry in a single sleek and attractive package.


One of the biggest differences between this line and other vaporizers is the included tank. The IJoy uses a standard sized 18500 watt tank. Some of the other popular vaporizers on the market use smaller tanks. The size difference between these two makes a noticeable difference in vapor production. In fact, the Vapemaker can produce up to sixty times more vapor than the standard tanks.


Another noticeable difference in the Vapemaker is the fact that it does not have a standard coil mechanism. Instead it uses a unique top fill system that allows you to simply fill the tank and place your finger over the tank. This eliminates the need to pre heat your coils or deal with messy draws from a standard tank. The result is that your vapor is always hot and ready to inhale while never losing any vapor flavor or aroma. The result is that your vapor is consistently top quality.


Some of the biggest complaints about standard atomizer/box mods are they can be awkward to use and result in poor flavor. The ijoy Vaporizer is no exception. It takes some getting used to because of how easy they are to operate. You must first install the silicone sleeve that goes around the tank and then place the stainless steel base on top of the sleeve. Once you have done this you simply insert your finger into the tank and start rotating the stainless steel band by hand. You will notice that the temperature changes immediately which is the result of the coils heating up.


There are a few features found on the ijoy E Juices that make them stand out from the crowd. One of the most unique and exciting features is the “drip tip”. These are stainless steel pieces that fit inside of the tank. They are not glued in but rather are placed in through an opening on the bottom of the tank. The drip tip will dispense a fine mist of e juice directly onto your tongue and down your throat.


A unique feature on the ijoy E Juices tank is the twist cap. As you twist the cap on the ijoy, it will move up and down to allow you to change the juice capacity. It is very easy to do and changing the juice capacity without unscrewing the tank is easy to do. This cap has been a big selling point since its release. A lot of consumers are still raving about the ijoys twist cap and how easy changing the juice capacity is.


When it comes to the vapor quality of the ijoy vape and the superior build quality of the products there is nothing else like the ijoy Volcano univ 180w box mod. Vapor production is amazing on the ijoy Volcano univ 180w and the vapor quality is unlike any other vaporizer. The vapor is extremely aromatic and taste is crisp and clean tasting.


Overall the ijoy Volcano vaporizer line is awesome. The vapor quality is amazing and the coils are just as impressive. ijoy Volcano has the ability to produce large amounts of vapor for a very small amount of time. The tank features a leak proof seal which also helps with the vapor production and gives you amazing flavour production. If you are in the market for an excellent vaporizer that offers excellent flavour the ijoy Volcano unv 180w is what you need to look for.