ijoy vape – Why it Pays to Compare

The IJOY Vaporizer offers the ultimate in home pleasure with its revolutionary tankless water-quenching system. The newest model in the IJOY Captain series is the PD 2707. This amazing new upgrade to the original captain series by IJOY vaporizers promises to change the way you experience your favorite beverages forever. The new high-powered mod has a tankless water-quenching design that delivers powerful vapors, and a powerful heat element. For ultimate performance the unit features a temperature control dial that lets you set your vaporizer’s temperature, and a five-year limited warranty.

ijoy vape


The IJOY Captain PDiya mod features a tankless mod. This means there is no need for a coil, like in some other IJOY products. The difference is, instead of having liquid stored in a coil, the vapor is now stored in a stainless steel coil. By doing so, it eliminates a large amount of heat build-up that occurs with most other devices. This incredible achievement comes from implementing the new 20700 lithium-ion batteries, giving the unit a maximum output power range and extreme flexibility, providing it with longer lasting power than ever before.


One of the primary benefits of these high-wattage tanks is that they allow the user to experience ultimate satisfaction. The flavor of each vapor is highly consistent as well, with less or even no tongue taste at all. In addition to the extreme flexibility and extended battery life, this mod also has a one year warranty. All of these and more make the ijoy vape a truly remarkable product.


The IJOY Vapors line of products is equipped with a unique pod system. When you first receive your mod, you will notice that it comes complete with two (2) replacement cartridges. These are filled with flavorful e-liquid flavors that you can customize to your own tastes. Each cartridge can hold up to three refills, making for endless opportunities to change up your liquids each time you want a change. The ijoy VWAP vaporizer is truly versatile in its features, allowing you to enjoy flavorful fruit flavors or any other liquid you desire without the worry of a dry line.


Along with the temperature control, the ijoy VWAP tank features an adjustable airflow system. This lets you choose between powerful cooling air and softly simmering vapors. Whichever you prefer, the flexibility of this tank mod makes it perfect for your every day use. The best way to experience the vapor comfort you’ve always known you deserve is to have the ijoy VWAP in your personal arsenal.


The included two replacement coils for your ijoy Vape is compatible with all stainless steel coils. If you would like to upgrade to a stronger coil, this is easily done. Simply remove the old captain mod and slide the new coils in. When you are ready to fire up the mod, simply remove the batteries and put the pre-loaded wafers in the front chamber. Now you’re ready to turn up the power and begin enjoying the vapor and flavor of your choice. You’ll be amazed at how well the vapor hits your tongue, and you’ll appreciate the smooth quality of the airflow as well.


If you are considering purchasing the ijoy VWAP Tank Mod or if you already own it, there are several ways you can save money. First, the company offers an affordable price for a tank that lasts a long time. Second, when you buy a tank from a company with a long history of quality, you are guaranteed to get top quality customer service. ijoy understands that this is not only a personal item but also a very important part of you and your family’s enjoyment of the Vaping experience. ijoy will provide you with the tanks, replacement coils and vapor production accessories you need so you can continue on enjoying your personal taste of vapor.


One thing ijoy isn’t afraid to tell you about their products is the ease of maintenance. When you purchase a tank with ijoy’s three year warranty, you know you are getting a quality product that will withstand the test of time. The ijoy VWAP tank holds the line in vapor production, and with the large sized screen you can easily watch your airflow go into the back of the throat without having to use a calculator.