GeekVape AEGIS Boost Kit Review

If you are looking for a professional electronic device that offers good value for money, then the AEGIS Boost from GeekVape is a good choice. It is a new product in the world of vaporizers that performs better than any other product on the market. The GeekVape AEGIS Boost combines a high performing AEGi System with a hi-tech digital LED display and a rear air valve. The AEGIS Boost has a high quality quartz digital LED display, an easy to use digital control, and a two-way digital Adjustable Air Valve. It is completely waterproof and the valve can be adjusted from an open or closed position. This means that even if your AEGi breaks or malfunctions, the AEGIS Boost will still work perfectly.

geekvape aegis boost

The most important thing about the AEGIS Boost pro is that it comes with a two year warranty. When I bought mine, I knew that I would have to pay a little more for the high-end product, but I thought that I could get a high-quality electronic device for a reasonable price. When I actually got my AEGIS Boost, I was very impressed by all the features it had. I purchased mine direct from GeekVape, and I am glad that I did.

When you first turn on your AEGIS Boost, you will immediately notice the ultra-sleek and sleek design. It has a very modern look about it. The front of the AEGis Boost looks like an oversized, futuristic metal laptop. The front body also has a nice, futuristic, quadrant shape where the USB-C port is located. This is a great feature for any user because it gives you a lot of options when it comes to modding your AEGi. If you don’t already know, most AEGi’s have three different plug-ins: DPD, USB, and ground.

The main reason why I chose the geekvape aegis of kit comes with the usb-c port is because it plugs into this universal voltage source which is located in just about anywhere. This makes it very convenient. Another wonderful benefit that this product has is that it can charge other batteries as well. The AEGi is rated at 2021 lumens of light, so you should be able to get a good amount of light with it. I have noticed that the AEGi sometimes runs out of batteries if it doesn’t get enough juice from the USB-C port.

One item that I really like is the fact that there are two modes with this mod. The first is the normal “Auto firing” mode. This allows you to get an amazing amount of air flow with the vandy vaporizer that is included with this kit. I have been using it every night to help me sleep and the results are amazing. The other mode allows me to switch between the two different modes which gives me a good bit more control over the way that the AEG charges my battery.

The biggest issue that I have with this vaporizer is the heat dissipation. It seems like the heat is a little too hot for my taste. I would place it on a table to allow for more even heating. Other than that the AEGi will adequately get the job done for most vaporizing needs. The boost provides me with a nice even heat and gets the job done just fine for me. I can tell that if you are looking for a great with lots of wattage but don’t need to worry about a lot of heat then the Geekvape AEGis Boost will be perfect for you.

One thing that I did find to be a con with this unit is the battery capacity. While it has a decent amount of wattage I am not sure that the battery life could be much better. The cons with this include a smaller pod and the heat conduction might be a little too hot for some people.

Overall I love this little gem. It has everything that I want in a vaporizer and a little bit more. It has a great price, runs quiet, and provides me with great flavor without any problems. The biggest con that I see is the heat conduction which I feel could use some adjustments, but other than that this kit is a great buy.

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