Friends around me started to notice that I use the e-cigarette

Friends around me started to notice that I use the e-cigarette, and friends kept asking the same question: “Does this really work” This has to be the question that every user of e-cigarettes will be required. How do you answer it? Do not worry about the answer, starting with Xiaoyan today …

Until now, I re-positioned the content of this answer, because the device is small cigarette that started in 2017 did provide an experience that is more effective and convenient for some to quit smoking. Although it can not be said that once you use a few small smoking device, you can stay away from a traditional cigarette, but it is clear that small cigarette device at this time will be more effective than ever. This effect is to stop or change.

A small smoking device I share today is called relx, which uses a common white minimalist packaging styles. It is difficult to detect the size of the packaging is in the picture, but in fact you will be surprised by the size of the box with this, because relx Volume packing box is two to three times that of a regular cigarette packaging equipment, which is twice as big!
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Although the experience of the packaging and the product itself will not have too much influence reciprocity, in most cases, smoke product discontinuation beautifully packaged will bring more affinity with some deliberate design, so that you are in contact with it had the feeling of a desire to try when you grow the products, and relx is that type.

This package contains the battery poles X1, USB charging cable X1, X2 cigarette bomb (mint / tobacco), and a large and “very verbose” Chinese manual. In fact, for small tobacco products in the hands of a player e-cigarettes, under normal circumstances, no need to check the instructions in the manual, but the manual relx will make you so curious because the words “I recommend to see” See what happens.

USB universal charging interface, this relx still follow the structure of the main devices of cigarettes, which is simple and quick to use. Appearance and size are close to the MT, and two air intake hole opened in the contact position of the body of the cartridge, which is similar to NRX was launched some time ago, and has the momentum gathering strength Baijia.

However, to quit smoking who are new to e-cigarettes, it is shameful to use a simple e-cigarette. Therefore, the manufacturer of “I suggest you read” manual contains a minimalist plain text. A “Using the Tutorial” is designed in the form to explain each step of the operation in detail. This is the best aid for those new to quit smoking.

The cartridge so that the original product has two flavors, namely fresh mint blue and orange classic tobacco, with a capacity of 2 ml and a concentration of 5%. It is standard to complete a small cigarette cartridges today. Regarding the internal structure of the cartridge, I am afraid that there is no need to disassemble it for consumer products, but there is no cotton in this cartridge, which is a new way of all-silicone sealing.

Tastefully two cartridges also have settings at the extreme end user demand. For example, friends who like to smoke cigarettes pop-bead mixture suitable to choose the “blue cartridge”. He did not have too many interpretations flavor at all, and violence. Very cool and cold are not sweet or fragrant, and cool straight line to the end. The second is the “orange smoke bomb”, or traditional blending tobacco leaf aroma, suitable for friends who usually like to smoke cigarettes in the country, and can swallow a certain sense of “comfort” of this flavor.

Facing Qingyi small cigarette devices currently use aerial ignition switch, can only say that the super comfortable experience that can be used at any time can be used to slap all the cigarettes using light

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