Caliburn KoKo Best of Vape Pod Kits Uwell


This change does not make the list above, but in my opinion is a reference

Aspire Speeder – eccentric by the company at the center is limited. Particularly preferably 218 mod TC Charon and Smoant
Uwell Vape Tank sale
Smoant Gaia – 2 Mods victim of my new trade rules. I lost 30 mm pin for centering and 510 color screen Zylon. However, they are very good and everything Charon good race, I was not surprised Gaia has a lot of love

VooPoo slide – Safe from the Internet community skyrocketed, but it was because of the trend and the lower limit in the CV mode. Mod is still a big if

Eleaf Ikonn 220 – This mod will receive little or no attention, but it takes all foreigners. The only problem that I have a very small screen.
Caliburn KOKO Pod
Minikin 2 – less precise control of temperature and an additional list price, but this model is well built and electric mode.

Wismec Ravage230 – 360 exam this month evaporate, but it feels very good and gave me no problems. Unfortunately, you can see that this is not a free mod for 510 design, with a pen on the contrary, but I have not tested or usability issues. I see life in terms of nature, so I’m in a long list. thieves hope

VV best mods

IJOY Zenith – less than $ 30, the introduction of Ad-20 Ish. Both players and well built. Mod IJOY maximize this year, but flying under the radar

Dovpo M VV – in the range of $ 25-40 VV is the best dual-battery mod. excellent performance and a plurality of voltage V 1 with the full length of the battery voltage. It is built like a tank and has a nice rubbery finish. He retired to fly under the radar. people should

Asvape Lucifer – I have a lack of maturity, but VV mod bar is quite affordable than wood, not only beautiful and works well. Only the price of personalized number 218 Smoant Charon – not very good mod Smoant that promises so no complaints. And it’s pretty cheap around $ 30 Zumwalt AIO Kit

Hexohm 3.0 – cult classic The Company has built a solid model of the tank with a lifetime warranty. No mod $ 200

Uwell Caliburn Kit

A simple attack is the best mods / Innokin

Chroma-A, the internal battery temperature control 75W Model and well established. 25 A. Players lice spray is a very small change Atheon Pico Eleaf as the food was very good and very bad TC 25 mm reflective when

Geekvape Aegis – great mod SOB battery water, but strong and resistant to water.

RTG GT150 – internal battery with a capacity of 4000 mAh models Mod 150W smaller well, basically, in a convenient way

Create a list based on size – Eleaf Kiya. MOD easily concealed evaporator 50 Watt

Squonk best mods

Therion evaporator 75c lack BF – Chip DNA75c lost evaporator updated mod. What he likes. Notice to come to this in February

VT Inbox Hcigar – DNA Chip 75 in a small box. Some of the obstacles, but some fun sqounker

Azeroth coil Sqounk Mod Art – 18650 impulses Mech small metal box mounted sqounker cost 3D printing affordable Caliburn vape pod

Hum evaporator – if the number 1 on the list, but unfortunately it was not available when I found below. Two sqounker inertia of the best ever produced 18650

Geekvape Gbox 200 – could see, probably not. There are not enough judges to try to control the temperature, but not because of lack of employment opportunities

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