AEGIS Boost Upgrades Your Airsoft Gun

aegis boost

The Vandy Vape Jack Rabbit e Cigarette is one of the best models on the market today. The aegis boost is an electronic vaporizer that has been inspired by both the original Vandy Vaporizer as well as the original Vandy Vaporizer. Both of these vaporizers use a dual coil system that has been designed to produce a unique blend of herbs and other natural compounds. The concept behind this unique design is to create a vapor that is highly concentrated and aromatic without using any chemicals, toxic gases or nicotine. The unique vapor pressure produced is produced in a similar manner to that of an oil or butane flame.

The Vandy Vape Jack Rabbit has a wide range of different benefits that makes it stand out from other vaporizers on the market. The unit has a three-level adjustable airflow control with a two-zone heat system. It also has a variable wattage setting that allows you to set it at a comfortable level for you. The Aegis Boost has variable voltage and wattage and both of these settings can be adjusted individually. It also has a 1500 mah battery and the adjustable airflow control lets you regulate how much power you are using.

This AEGIS Boost Review will take a look at what makes the AEGIS Boost such a great vaporizer. First of all, we have to mention that it is the only vaporizer that does not need a base or a cart to be used with it. This is the ultimate benefit of the jackaroo mod, but also a feature that many other vaporizers do not offer. In fact, some units actually require a special base that is designed to work with it.

The aegis boost pro 100w kit comes with a unique dual adjustment feature. On the lower setting you get the warm sensation you get from low wattage settings while on the higher setting you get a stronger hit with more vapor and less burn out. Both settings are adjustable so you can find the perfect setting for you.

The new jackaroo series coils have a patented design that is larger and stronger than ever before. It uses NiCad batteries and can produce unbelievable vapor production. One thing to note though, if you use the low wattage setting and you use the original AEGis Boost coil, you will not get very strong vapor. Only when you use the high wattage setting will you get a strong and flavorful hit.

If you are a bigger builder, you will appreciate the build quality of the AEGIS Boost. The pods are built in a way that they offer support for any build quality. Even though the pods are built in them are easily removed for cleaning. The material used in the pod construction is also highly resistant and strong. You can expect two years of hassle-free battery use from your AEGIS Boost or you can purchase replacement coils and get started right away.

The new AEGIS Boost series batteries use a new technology that utilizes a heat sensitive chip instead of a resistive element like the AEGIS Battery Life System. This allows the AEGis Boost to maintain battery life much longer than other systems while using far less wattage. The heat-sensitive chip senses your heating element temperature and maintains constant voltage. This keeps your AEGis Boost running smoothly even on extreme temperature changes.

The most exciting part about the new technology is the pod system. With three pods per battery, your AEGIS Boost can cover up to thirty minutes of gaming between replacements. This is an amazing amount of time to save by using AEGIS Boost instead of a coil system that would heat up and burn out your AEGIS Battery. The ability to replace your entire coil system reduces wear and tear on your existing AEGIS Battery and increases your overall lifespan by over two hundred percent. If you are looking for a long lasting, high capacity battery then you will want to consider upgrading to the AEGIS Boost series.

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