Dead Rabbit V2 Vaporizer Review


The all new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 RDA by Kaleidoscope is a great addition to the lineup of prefect anal stimulation devices for men. The second in the line of Kaleidoscope electronic anal stimulation devices, this product is a surefire way to add some much needed intense stimulation to your lover’s butthole. With its powerful motor, the V2 offers one of the easiest and most intense orgasms a man can have. With a clitoral stimulator and a prostate massager, the V2 is able to give you two very strong orgasms each and every time.

Unlike some other products on the market, the Hellvape Dead Rabbit V2 RDA allows you to choose between three unique airflow options. These include the Niquid, airflow controlled by the side of the unit, and the Pro airflow, which is comparable to a vaporizer but provides stronger vibrations. The unique airflow designs provide a very intense and sensual sensation that is sure to drive your man wild. Plus, with the increased control over airflow options you are also given the ability to change up the stimulation level to give your partner what they want.


Some vapers might find the new e-juice added to the original Dead Rabbit V2 a bit boring but it is definitely worth adding in. The new flavor offering is called Vigorelle, and the improved formula is better than ever. The new formula gives a smooth and cool flavor, and the extra sweetener increases the longevity of the powerful e-liquid. While it may be slightly more expensive than the original, the upgrade in quality has made the price worthwhile. The new flavor offers an incredible variety of flavors such as Rainforest Cherry, Fruit Colada, Banana Split, and even Vanilla Sky.


One of the most popular things people really like about the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 rda is its ability to be an all day vaper. It is perfect for any type of lifestyle because it can be used while sleeping or in deep sleep, and it provides powerful sensations for a full night’s rest. The powerful motor gives the user four times the amount of power compared to the original, and it makes an incredible amount of vapor. With the new upgraded version, it can even be used in the microwave without any problems, and the dual post build deck helps make it extremely efficient.


The two most important components to the Hellvape dead rabbit V2 are the airflow system and the angle control airflow system. The angle control directs the airflow based on the angle you’re holding while you are blowing. It ensures that the correct amount of air is delivered to the coil allowing the maximum amount of vapor production possible. The dual and six inch tall post helps maximize air flow as well as reduce heat generation.


If you prefer to use your dead rabbit only when you have the opportunity for a quick inhale then you need to check out the slide feature. The slide feature allows you to draw in air into the chamber by opening the end section and sliding the other way to increase air flow into the dead barrel. This feature also lets you take air out of the dead barrel when you don’t need it, but to keep the temperature regulated the same way you would draw in air. Slide in airlocks are typically found on single flavor flavors, because the opening allows air to be drawn into the barrel while still keeping the flavors bottled cool. The slide feature is a bonus to those who like to mix and match e liquids with their favorite flavors. The double barrel lock allows you to get the most flavor from your blend by locking in the temperature at which it was created.


The airflow system on this vaporizer is one of the best on the market. The large base is designed to help dissipate heat when you need a little extra heating. The wide opening in the basket allows for an easy draw into the system, without wasting any room. The large opening also makes it easy to wick away any moisture that may collect. One of the most important parts of any vaporizer is its airflow system. The Batter X’s airflow system is not only the best on the market, it’s the most stylish.


The improved design for cutting and positioning coil legs not only increases efficiency, but it increases comfort while you enjoy your vaporizing. The anti-bacterial 810 drip tip included along with the improved design for positioning and cutting coils has been improved upon to allow for maximum moisture absorption, and less surface static. The new barrel lock and slide feature to direct airflow to the middle of your coils increases even more efficient ventilation. All of these enhancements make the Dead Rabbit V2 an exceptional choice for any vaper looking for an exceptional product that is both efficient and comfortable.


Some people have a misconception that a higher priced vaporizer, with better build space, better looks, and more features, automatically means it will perform better. The truth is, it all depends on what you are looking for in a vaporizer. There are many inexpensive vaporizers out there, such as the Vaporooter, that can produce just as good of a vapor without the higher price tag. The reason the V2 is so popular is because it offers some great features for a lot less money. In this review I am going to highlight a few of the key features you should be on the look out for when shopping for a new v2.


Squonking: Squonking is a very common problem with many cheap herbal juices. The Dead Rabbit V2 allows for very effective squonking while you enjoy the vapor output. It is important to note that the squonking problems associated with cheap juices is not associated with the build quality or airflow options of the unit. I have personally experienced no squonking with my V2 and I know many others who swear by it.


ijoy vape – Why it Pays to Compare

The IJOY Vaporizer offers the ultimate in home pleasure with its revolutionary tankless water-quenching system. The newest model in the IJOY Captain series is the PD 2707. This amazing new upgrade to the original captain series by IJOY vaporizers promises to change the way you experience your favorite beverages forever. The new high-powered mod has a tankless water-quenching design that delivers powerful vapors, and a powerful heat element. For ultimate performance the unit features a temperature control dial that lets you set your vaporizer’s temperature, and a five-year limited warranty.

ijoy vape


The IJOY Captain PDiya mod features a tankless mod. This means there is no need for a coil, like in some other IJOY products. The difference is, instead of having liquid stored in a coil, the vapor is now stored in a stainless steel coil. By doing so, it eliminates a large amount of heat build-up that occurs with most other devices. This incredible achievement comes from implementing the new 20700 lithium-ion batteries, giving the unit a maximum output power range and extreme flexibility, providing it with longer lasting power than ever before.


One of the primary benefits of these high-wattage tanks is that they allow the user to experience ultimate satisfaction. The flavor of each vapor is highly consistent as well, with less or even no tongue taste at all. In addition to the extreme flexibility and extended battery life, this mod also has a one year warranty. All of these and more make the ijoy vape a truly remarkable product.


The IJOY Vapors line of products is equipped with a unique pod system. When you first receive your mod, you will notice that it comes complete with two (2) replacement cartridges. These are filled with flavorful e-liquid flavors that you can customize to your own tastes. Each cartridge can hold up to three refills, making for endless opportunities to change up your liquids each time you want a change. The ijoy VWAP vaporizer is truly versatile in its features, allowing you to enjoy flavorful fruit flavors or any other liquid you desire without the worry of a dry line.


Along with the temperature control, the ijoy VWAP tank features an adjustable airflow system. This lets you choose between powerful cooling air and softly simmering vapors. Whichever you prefer, the flexibility of this tank mod makes it perfect for your every day use. The best way to experience the vapor comfort you’ve always known you deserve is to have the ijoy VWAP in your personal arsenal.


The included two replacement coils for your ijoy Vape is compatible with all stainless steel coils. If you would like to upgrade to a stronger coil, this is easily done. Simply remove the old captain mod and slide the new coils in. When you are ready to fire up the mod, simply remove the batteries and put the pre-loaded wafers in the front chamber. Now you’re ready to turn up the power and begin enjoying the vapor and flavor of your choice. You’ll be amazed at how well the vapor hits your tongue, and you’ll appreciate the smooth quality of the airflow as well.


If you are considering purchasing the ijoy VWAP Tank Mod or if you already own it, there are several ways you can save money. First, the company offers an affordable price for a tank that lasts a long time. Second, when you buy a tank from a company with a long history of quality, you are guaranteed to get top quality customer service. ijoy understands that this is not only a personal item but also a very important part of you and your family’s enjoyment of the Vaping experience. ijoy will provide you with the tanks, replacement coils and vapor production accessories you need so you can continue on enjoying your personal taste of vapor.


One thing ijoy isn’t afraid to tell you about their products is the ease of maintenance. When you purchase a tank with ijoy’s three year warranty, you know you are getting a quality product that will withstand the test of time. The ijoy VWAP tank holds the line in vapor production, and with the large sized screen you can easily watch your airflow go into the back of the throat without having to use a calculator.


Review of the ijoy Vapes 2nd Edition – Best Portable Vaporizer

ijoy vape

The IJoy Vapemaker is a new all in one electronic vaporizer that combines the best of three major electronic personal care products into one sleek and portable package. It is truly the ultimate box mod or starter kit. For those not familiar with it, the IJoy Vaporizer is an electronic vaporizer that comes complete with a mouthpiece, an included air stone, and two different kinds of tanks – a rebuildable type that requires filling and a tankless type that has a removable coil allowing you to go through your vapor session without having to continuously refills. All in all, the IJoy Vapemaker delivers all of the best of the high end personal care industry in a single sleek and attractive package.


One of the biggest differences between this line and other vaporizers is the included tank. The IJoy uses a standard sized 18500 watt tank. Some of the other popular vaporizers on the market use smaller tanks. The size difference between these two makes a noticeable difference in vapor production. In fact, the Vapemaker can produce up to sixty times more vapor than the standard tanks.


Another noticeable difference in the Vapemaker is the fact that it does not have a standard coil mechanism. Instead it uses a unique top fill system that allows you to simply fill the tank and place your finger over the tank. This eliminates the need to pre heat your coils or deal with messy draws from a standard tank. The result is that your vapor is always hot and ready to inhale while never losing any vapor flavor or aroma. The result is that your vapor is consistently top quality.


Some of the biggest complaints about standard atomizer/box mods are they can be awkward to use and result in poor flavor. The ijoy Vaporizer is no exception. It takes some getting used to because of how easy they are to operate. You must first install the silicone sleeve that goes around the tank and then place the stainless steel base on top of the sleeve. Once you have done this you simply insert your finger into the tank and start rotating the stainless steel band by hand. You will notice that the temperature changes immediately which is the result of the coils heating up.


There are a few features found on the ijoy E Juices that make them stand out from the crowd. One of the most unique and exciting features is the “drip tip”. These are stainless steel pieces that fit inside of the tank. They are not glued in but rather are placed in through an opening on the bottom of the tank. The drip tip will dispense a fine mist of e juice directly onto your tongue and down your throat.


A unique feature on the ijoy E Juices tank is the twist cap. As you twist the cap on the ijoy, it will move up and down to allow you to change the juice capacity. It is very easy to do and changing the juice capacity without unscrewing the tank is easy to do. This cap has been a big selling point since its release. A lot of consumers are still raving about the ijoys twist cap and how easy changing the juice capacity is.


When it comes to the vapor quality of the ijoy vape and the superior build quality of the products there is nothing else like the ijoy Volcano univ 180w box mod. Vapor production is amazing on the ijoy Volcano univ 180w and the vapor quality is unlike any other vaporizer. The vapor is extremely aromatic and taste is crisp and clean tasting.


Overall the ijoy Volcano vaporizer line is awesome. The vapor quality is amazing and the coils are just as impressive. ijoy Volcano has the ability to produce large amounts of vapor for a very small amount of time. The tank features a leak proof seal which also helps with the vapor production and gives you amazing flavour production. If you are in the market for an excellent vaporizer that offers excellent flavour the ijoy Volcano unv 180w is what you need to look for.


Wotofo Glasses Review

Wotofo, the collaboration of Wotofo themselves and Mrjustright1, has come up with a high-performance dual-meshed RDA. It’s capable of spraying juice in a fine mist and in a jet stream pattern as well. It’s equipped with 3ml bottles well, which is perfectly suitable for both single-serve and sunk method. Further armed with the adjustable airflow ring on its side and squonk nozzle, you are able to fine-tune airflow to take more accurate spray and super-clear Cloud.



The advanced dual coil design of Wotofo allows it to produce dense and flavorful vapors. Dual-coil Wotofo utilizes dual flat coil and insulated dual cap coil. It further utilizes spunky side air flow ring for extra-fine mist control. It’s equipped with pre-installed silicone drippers and rubber seals for optimal vapor production and flavor extraction. In addition to all these, it also has sunk cup for extra-filling the entire unit with extra moist.


Another important feature of Wotofo RDA is its unique shape, which resembles that of a blimp. This is due to its ability to use its pre-installed silicone grippers and silicone seals for creating an airtight seal to its double- Coil system. Its unique shape is what makes it different from other reaper style atomizers in that the rectangular shape allows for better coverage compared to the flat style. Moreover, this helps to keep the coils away from heat damage since they are not twisted. As such, Wotofo RDA maintains consistent and stable levels of nicotine charge when you go over a certain dose.

Wotofo Profile PS Dual Mesh RDA 28.5mm

Wotofo uses its patented squonkable way of filling to provide an extra-fine mist without any hassle. Squonks, or fruit juices, are included in the kit along with the silicone seals. You may shake the bottle to fill the tank according to your preferences. In its squonkable method, it maintains the proper levels of moisture needed by the herbs to thrive and taste their best.


The Wotofo termini tank features a unique “modular” design. It allows users to enjoy two tanks at once due to the fact that the two halves can be interchanged anytime you want. It also has a unique battery indicator which shows the time remaining until your mod has enough power to last for two weeks. This dual 18650 Mod has a replaceable battery, which is a nice feature to have.


There are two ways to change the flavor of your Wotofo RDA including its dual mesh coils and its deck. With its dual mesh coils, you get to experience herbal flavors as you inhale the vapor from your device. This allows you to enjoy an atomizer with more flavor than ordinary e-juices. The deck, on the other hand, allows you to replace empty cartridges so you can always have your favorite flavor when you vaporize. Some of the popular flavors that you may find inside the deck include banana, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, and carrot.


Wotofo’s unique design makes it easy to fill a glass with your favorite flavors so you do not have to worry about spilling your liquids all over your countertop or your table. The built-in ball tip allows you to pour your liquids directly into the glass so you don’t have to worry about spilling it. Another good thing about the woof profile ps dual mesh coil is that it allows you to replace the coils every two weeks without having to buy new ones because the coils can be easily replaced.


Wotofo’s German peek decal kit is an excellent accessory if you like to design your own artwork. With the German peek decal kit, you get to choose from five cool designs that are exclusively made by Wotofo. The German peek decal kit features a gunmetal body with the Wotofo logo in the center, along with a clear acrylic window on the front side. On the back side, there is also a transparent decal window that features four different art pieces. All of these designs are only available for sale with the pre-order Wotofo German peek brush, so be sure to grab one while you are still ordering your Wotofo sunglasses online.


Vaporizers – The Best Vaporizers For the Money

dead rabbit v2

The new Hellvape dead rabbit v2 Vaporizer is the latest in RTA (ready to assemble) mods. The Hellvape RDA is a great all around all purpose RTA that offers RDA quality at a reasonable price. The RDA is a great value and a great way to impress your friends. The vaporizer is very easy to use. The electronic screens are very user friendly and will allow you to make great tasting vapor with very little instruction. The vaporizer is extremely easy to use and will give you years of quality aromatic enjoyment.


The build quality is excellent and there is not much to pick up while smoking. The inner bowl is very well constructed and does not leak at all. I would have to say the build quality is a little bit better than the original dead rabbit v2. The vapor method is also a little bit better than the original, although the coils are a little bit smaller.


The flavor of the Hellvape dead rabbit v2 is very smooth and tasty. I think they got it right with the original dead rabbit v2. The flavors seem to blend together nicely and taste nice and light. There is not overproduction like some other brands. The vapor comes out neat and thick with rich tobacco flavor.


The flavor profile of the vaporizer is great and the wicking ability seems to be on target. The airflows are very tight and controlled. There is not over or under working of the smoke. I found the deck to be good and well constructed. The deck has metal plates where the air flows from the base of the batteries down into the deck. This helps the deck from getting hot and sweaty and also gives good circulation of air for perfect dead rabbit v2 flavor.


The build deck is plastic like most other vapors and it is easy to clean. The instructions that come with the dead rabbit v2 are very easy to follow and are easy to follow even by a novice user. There are a few problems that I ran into but nothing too difficult. One of these problems was that the glass bottle does not fit well in the base of the refill port, so you have to either remove the whole glass bottle or move it to a different location on the build deck.


Another problem I did have was that the air flow from the tank to the coils was a little bit erratic. It seemed to be hit and miss at best. The other issue I did have was that I thought I put the ear posts in correctly but they were way off in the back. Either way this is not an issue I will have again. I did get the best results by keeping my hands on the rabbits ears and popping the bubbles every so slightly.


In all I think the dead rabbit v2 is a great vapor machine. The price is right and it has all the features I need. My only real complaint is that the original version came with a very small amount of flavor and did not produce as much vapor as the Vapo Vaporizer II. The new version has made an improvement. The vapor quality is much better, the coils are a bit wider and the taste is much improved.


All in all I am very happy with the dead rabbit v2. I love the way it smells when I have it in my car and the results of flavor it produces. The airflow options are great and it takes care of getting all the gunk out of the air. The only thing I would like to change is to get an extended warranty so I can rest easy.


Understanding The Features Of The Voopoo

VOOPOO has developed an exciting new product called the Voopoo Pod. It is an innovative adapter/storage combination that helps businesses to store and back up any sort of data, whether it be audio video or photos. This product is an offshoot of VOOPOO’s successful low cost SIP VoIP adapter called the Skype Phone. The idea behind the invention of the Voopoo Pod was to take advantage of the high bandwidths provided by the low cost SIP VoIP system. This product basically bridges the gap in price between a conventional computer voice card and the high bandwidth data packets used in SIP VoIP systems.

wismec reuleaux tinker2
wismec reuleaux tinker2

It is important to understand how a VoIP system works before discussing the Voopoo Pod and its functionality. When someone makes a call they insert their telephone number along with a destination URL into the microphone on their telephone. The device connects to the phone company’s data network and transmits their call information through their broadband modem to their receiver or gateways.

The Voopoo Pod Kit is the newest pod-based device in the entire Vinci range. It features a sleek, portable design and comes with a built in 800mAh rechargeable battery with Type C USB charging port. It is powered by Voopoo gene chip giving it a powerful firing rate of up to 15 watts. It also comes equipped with a front panel user interface that permits users to make calls, control home phone systems, play MP3’s and more. The Voopoo also includes an intuitive web based remote that permits the user to enter their locations via a web browser.

The Voopoo Pod system kit has a couple main feature that sets it apart from other competing brands. First, the manufacturers designed the head unit and base units separately from the pods to ensure that the quality of each product is high. Secondly, they also designed the speaker connectors so that each speaker is properly connected to the speaker output of the Pod, therefore ensuring clear sound quality.

When a person receives a call they simply press the convenient call button and their voice is transferred to the gateway or receiver using their broadband modem. This is where the Voopoo Pod comes in. The Voopoo Pod is actually a set of four separate devices. They are: the head unit, the base unit, the speaker connector piece and the coin clip. All of these devices have been designed with their own unique features to ensure an outstanding performance each and every time.

In addition to providing consumers with this vast list of tunes to choose from, they also designed the Voopoo Network to be compatible with all of the popular MP3 players on the market. This means that people no longer need to spend hours searching through hundreds of different iPods in order to find their favorite tunes. The Voopoo Network simply plugs into the iPod and uses that particular device’s built in “ibrarian” to bring up the perfect song for the individual who will hear it. There is even a built in clock that provides the exact time for any given day. The beauty of these little gems is that they are completely portable. No cables or connections are required, as the entire system consists of very small, lightweight, and flexible earbuds that plug right into the iPod.

There are several additional features that have been designed specifically to make using the Voopoo Pod a breeze. The most notable is the fact that they have a preloaded list of all of the most popular music genres so that people are provided with an endless array of options to choose from. There is also a detailed list of all of the different Voopoo Juice Types that are available and how much juice capacity each one can hold.

The Voopoo System really does live up to its name. A great understanding of the product, as well as a great understanding of the features it offers, is everything a consumer needs in order to properly utilize this wonderful electronic device. A large battery pack and lightweight design, along with a variety of connectors are just a few of the advantages of using this unique device. All consumers should be able to find a style and a device that they can feel comfortable using.